Maria and Michael

How We Met

Michael and I lived on the same floor in our freshman dorm. We quickly became good friends and by November I was telling people about my best friend Michael. Many of our friends thought we should be together before the thought crossed our minds, but over winter break we talked constantly and were pretty much dating by the time we came back to school in January. It took us until March 1st to make it official and we’ve been together the 5 1/2 years since.

Where to Propose in Lake Chelan, WA

How They Asked

My dad grew up in Washington state and I’ve visited the west coast every summer since I was little to see his side of the family. Michael has come with me for the last few years and loves it out there. This year we decided to take our trip out west and go with the family to Lake Chelan, WA. We joined my parents, sister, aunt, uncle, and cousin at this beautiful lake for a few days. Little did I know that Michael had flown the ring across the country with us and had a surprise planned for our trip.

On our second day, I went to sit by the pool with my family and Michael. We had planned to go to a winery for lunch so Michael mentioned after a while that he was going to go up to the hotel room and change. My sister then suggested that we go, take pictures with my mom by the lake. At some point, my dad came over and mentioned that the rest of my family was over in a good spot for pictures too and we walked over. Michael had gotten the ring and found a beautiful spot by the lake to wait for me. I walked over to him with my sister as the rest of my family watched. I love the show The Bachelor so Michael first asked me to accept his rose and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

It was everything I could have asked for and more. My parents watched and cheered and my sister took the most beautiful pictures. We FaceTimed Michael’s parents and our brothers after and showed them the beautiful spot we were in. Then, we finally did go to the winery and celebrate with champagne.