Maria and Mate

How We Met

Hi there my name is Maria, so here we are, excited to share our love story! We would like to start off by sharing that my, Fiance, Mate, is Hungarian and I am Mexican. We come from two different cultures yet we are madly in love!!

We met in the states 2 years (and 9 months ago), as part of an international internship working for a hotel in Colorado Springs, and this is where I love story officially unfolds.”

Maria: ” I arrived to the states in February, with a Hungarian boy (his name is Oliver, not my fiancé), so this boy was very much interested in me but I wasn’t interested in dating at the time. He was relentless and he continued to ask me over 100 times!

Mate: It was about February, couple weeks before I depart my home town to move to an unforgettable experience in the states for the very first time, I was ready to kill it! My best friend was already in the States waiting for my arrival, I was so excited cause he even told me that in the short time he was there, he already had met a beautiful and “hot” Mexican girl(Maria) , so I couldn’t wait to finally arrive there and start living the “American dream”!

Maria: So every Sunday I remember all the international employees would hang out in a bar called HATCHCOVER!

On this particular Sunday, March 27th 2016… I remember I was sooo tired but Oliver texted me to come over cause his best friend was finally in town!! And honestly, I didn’t care about those details…I just wanted to grab a beer and hang out with my friends! My roommates begged me to go with them..and needless to say…I accepted!

Mate: So, I arrived on March 24th, and I was just having fun with my best friend and roommates before my internship began on Monday..but my best friend invited me to a bar named Hatch Cover, he told me everyone hangs out there and since I was the “new guy” I should go there to see what was going on, you know.. guys stuff

Maria: So finally I decide to go out, I wasn’t wearing anything extravagant, at the time it was snowing and I was wearing no make up, just jeans, a nude turtle neck shirt and a up do, basic basic basic!!

I step into the bar and the first thing I heard was a guy laughing out loud, but really loud, and I saw him and it was like BOOM! I really loved that he was right there and not caring about what people said and just having fun! As I walked over to see this guy I had never seen on a Sunday in Hatch, I realized he was with Oliver, so Oliver took my by the arm and told me; look Maria, this is Mate (the guy who was laughing) MY BEST FRIEND! Of course I was petrified haha…so many emotions!!

The worst part is that Oliver introduces me to mate as: she’s Maria, my Mexican girlfriend I have been TALKING TO YOU ABOUT! (Seriously!!)

Mate: I remember she came over and Oliver introduced us to each other! I also remember she was kind of shocked after Oliver said she was her girlfriend, she seemed kind of mad with him, but I was looking at her thinking….WOW! Really, Oliver got her!? She’s beautiful! There’s no way Oliver has a girlfriend like her. No offense to Oliver but he’s the kind of guys who has always dated weird girls (sorry man)

Maria: So after he introduced me in that way I rectify myself and told Mate: NO we are not dating, I don’t know why he’s saying that, I realized he believed me and he told me: I know how Oliver is… don’t worry.

Long story short, we trade Facebook information but it took him 4 days to add me, finally he decided to add me and we started talking, like serious talking, I remember he invited me to his apartment kind of late.. a late night for a beer , but I know that move already, I was thinking: no I don’t want a one night stand, I’m so over that!! So I remember I stopped talking to him and invited him at the bar we met at next Sunday!

Mate: She give me her name on Facebook, but I was feeling awkward about my friend, he was into her and I was feeling anxious about her, I don’t know how to explain it in words but I really wanted to keep track about what she was doing. So finally after a while I added her and invited her to my apartment to see what was going on, but she never came, somehow I felt she wasn’t like “all the girls” there was something different about her.I wanted to get to know her better. So she invited me to the same bar, next Sunday and I told her I would be there!

Maria: Sunday arrived! It was nothing like the first Sunday, I knew I was going for it! I was ready to rock haha, I put on my best clothes and heels, I straightened my hair and my makeup was on point, I was ready for him to see me and steal his attention haha, but whenever he arrives he totally ignores me!

Mate: She was angry, I don’t know why..but it was so cute seeing her angrily approach me with 2 tequila shots, she is 5”2, I’m 6”5, so you can imagine how that looked. We took the tequila shots and she was arguing about something I couldn’t understand because she was little bit tipsy, I don’t know how it happened but she kissed me, but didnt realize my best friend was right there next to us!

Maria: I remember it was the most romantic kiss in my life, I had never felt so many butterflies in my stomach, maybe it was tequila but, I had never felt that before in my life lol, I just remember that after my brave action I dashed out like Cinderella, and my roommates took me home before I did something else crazy! I told them; if you see me going to him, don’t let me go to his place with him, I don’t want this to be a one night stand, so that’s what they did!

Mate: Right after she kissed me.. a long kiss, my best friend was right there looking at me like: ARE YOU DONE? HE WAS PISSED! I have never had an argument with him like I had due to Maria. And I understand why he was pissed, It was me, hos friend…taking the girl he was into. But I couldn’t help what I was feeling for her was just unexplainable. I don’t even know how I fell so fast for her. I mean, I arrived on a Thursday I meet her on a Sunday and 7 days after I met her I was ready to finish my relationship with my best friend because of her, it was just insane!

Maria: So I woke up, cause eventually after my show, I fell asleep and the only thing I remember was looking for my phone to apologize for kissing him in such a way! I saw a texted from him and there he was texting me:

-I hope the kiss you stole from me last night wasn’t a joke, cause I’m really falling for you, I won’t ask how or why, but I want to know you, I don’t want you to be a one night stand, I can’t see myself with you like that, so if you want we can meet today at 5pm and have dinner together.

And since then.. we have been together and waiting for our moment to get married!!!!

How they asked

Wow, so we have been together… 2 years ,9 months, and 8 months! We had been in a long distance relationship, it wasn’t the best decision, but we made it! Due to being in a long distance relationship.. we have always had to travel back and forth to see each other and spend time with each other. Traveling ended up becoming a hobby so far we have traveled 11 countries together! So airplanes are a second home for us. Haha

As I already told you I’m Mexican, and I come for a very catholic traditional family, and living together without getting married is quite an issue due to my beliefs and my religion.

So he knew that even though I never asked him to get married, I was kind of expecting it because we have being dating for almost 3 years! On June 2018, we went to NYC because it was one of my biggest dreams to go there, and I remember Mate purchased a helicopter tour for both of us, even my cousins passed away a night before our helicopter trip..I was devastated, but I remember that at that exact moment I was in the sky I was feeling free (despite the devastating news I just received),and Mate could see how I felt at that moment.

So, 5 months after the helicopter experience … I was talking with Mate about our future because right now we are in the states with a visa, so I was curious to know about our future once our visas expires, but he told me not to worry about it.. you know how girls we have to be one step ahead… always and we like to prepare.

However I wasn’t talking to much about our future because we still have time to figure it out! During this season of our life Mate made friends with a gentleman named, Allen. Allen owns a after school program for kids and he often has to prepare and arrange dinners for the events they have! And we would help to serve them or help to organize the events.

So this day in particular (December 12th) Mate told me to me to hurry up, that we needed to meet with Allen and his son, Justin and a few other people to organize the event!

I remember Mate was kind of in a rush the whole day.

But I have to be honest, on the day of the proposal they called me from work with bad news and I was pissed, Mate was trying to make me happy the whole day, but I wasn’t helping haha, so before the “meeting” he told me: -Well I’ll go really fancy and dressed, but I was like: -you really want me to dress up just for a meeting? So I put on a sweater,jeans, sneakers and barely wore makeup. He also mentioned the night before, that that my nails looked cute whenever I painted them, but I wasn’t seeing the signs of a proposal in the near future! Haha.

So we are there, I came out of the apartment and I see a girl with a professional camera (my now amazing photographer), her husband and Justin outside my apartment! Mate explained to me that we needed to meet them and then we will ride over and have our meeting at the airport!

So we drove to the airport, and yes I still had no idea what was coming!! I was so focused on my job situation, that I wasn’t even paying attention where we were at! So we finally meet the guy we where waiting for.. and he took us to a plane.. by the time I was asking questions but Terrie (photographer) was distracting me, so I wasn’t into the fact we were in a private airport haha, so there we are outside by the planes and Terrie said: I need some pictures for the charity… that way we can show them in the presentation.!!!

And hey what kind of girl doesn’t like pictures! Of course I was in first square ready for them haha , so it was me, Mate and Justin (our friend) and then Terrie told me; what about one picture only you and your boyfriend and I was posing right there with the plane in the back and Mate told me:

-I have all this planned a long time ago!

ME: What are you talking about?

MATE : I have been lying to you all this time..


*he goes on his knees* he asked what every woman wants to be asked.



For that, Terrie was part of the plan! She took every single emotion and moment and it was exceptional! Unbelievable!

After that, we took a ride on the private airplane and Justin sing for us with his guitar, and we end it with a romantic dinner.

He explained me he wanted to propose with an airplane cause he remember how happy I was in the helicopter we took in NYC, he told me no matter how bad the circumstances are or how sad I was feeling that day about my job, he wants to be my personal helicopter to take me up whenever I’m down!

That also he chose an airplane cause we are always traveling back and forth To see each other, he wanted to stop traveling to see each other and now just travel together everywhere for the rest of our life, no more being separated for distance. So the airplane represent the New journey we are going to take, which is going be our life as a family.

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