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How We Met

Luke and I met in high school back in 2009. My family and I moved from Pennsylvania to Arizona the summer (July) going into my junior year of high school and lets just say I was less than pleased to be starting over in a new state in the middle of my high school career. Luke and I were both competitive swimmers and since the high school I was going to attend knew that I was transferring and joining their swim team, Luke had asked to become friends over Facebook.

Luke and I first met in English class and became fast friends through the swim team. In October 2009, he had asked me to go to homecoming with him and it was then that our friendship turned into an incredible relationship. We were inseparable and dated our last two years of high school. After we graduated, we even decided to attend the University of Arizona together.

It was at the U of A that we decided to go our separate ways and broke up for about a year. During that time apart, I knew Luke was THE one. As hard as that time apart was, I am so thankful that we had that year to grow and really become the people we are today because I don’t think our relationship wouldn’t be what it is now. When you’re young and in love, you can be blinded in ways you didn’t think were possible. Once we got back together Sophomore year of college, I knew that we were both in it for the long haul! We dreamt about graduating from college together, moving to California with our dog and starting a real life and facing reality of the world together. As luck would have it, we’ve done just that. Nothing makes me more overjoyed than knowing that I truly have a partner in this crazy thing we call life. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

how they asked

Friday, December 23rd, 2016 started off like any normal day. Luke and I woke up, had breakfast and got ready for work. I left for work earlier that day because my office holiday party was that afternoon so I wanted to make sure I was there early to drop off my secret santa gift. Little did I know that those extra 30 minutes made a world of difference for Luke in regards to setting up his proposal to me. At 10:30 in the morning I received a very cryptic phone call from Luke telling me that he had gone and looked at a piece of land (which is not out of the norm), fallen and broken his leg and was unable to drive his truck back home. Luke knew I was at work and had my office holiday party so I didn’t think anything of it because Luke is not one to ask for anything unless he really needed help.

Once I got to the destination, I had no cell service and panic sunk in. I didn’t see his truck, I couldn’t call him and I was driving 10 miles per hour up this massive dirt road with no railings (I’d also like to point out that I am TERRIFIED of heights!) All of a sudden, I see his truck and one of his friends (who happens to be our amazing photographer and videographer for our proposal) hanging out of his truck yelling, “HE’S IN A DITCH, HE’S A LITTLE FURTHER UP THE HILL, FOLLOW ME!” I immediately started tearing up and began shaking because I had no idea what I was going to drive up too. I was praying that Luke was okay and once I got to the spot where Mikey said Luke was, I jumped out of my car and started anxiously walking to find Luke.

When I got closer, I saw Luke standing next to this trailer and my first thought was, what kind of sick joke is this?! I was so confused. I continued walking and came up to this beautiful airstream overlooking the ocean and the rolling hills of Malibu. Playing in the background was one of my all-time favorite songs, rose petals were sprinkled all over the deck along with champagne and candles. I immediately took a deep breath and thought to myself, this was it. This was the moment I’ve been waiting for my whole life. After seven years of being together, I was one step closer to calling the man of my dreams, my husband.

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