Maria and Levi

How We Met

I’m a Sports Reporter and Anchor from South Florida working in Alabama and at the time of when we met Levi (from outside of Nashville) was working at Troy University with the football team. On an off day for me, I decided to go to a Troy football game with a few of my girlfriends and spotted him on the sideline. I quickly tried to find out who he was and added him on Facebook (he had little to nonexistent forms of social media). He messaged me after the game after recognizing the station I work for and because I didn’t cover Troy football directly, he wondered why he had never seen me.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Montgomery, Alabama

Maria and Levi's Engagement in Montgomery, Alabama

Proposal Ideas Montgomery, Alabama

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We were messaging during football season, the busiest time of the year for a sports reporter and a coach, so it took a few months to actually go on a date. In the January immediately following that season, I had just gotten back from covering the National Championship and we met for sushi and were inseparable ever since. Levi is a former Troy and NFL quarterback turned college Offensive Coordinator and I am a Sports Reporter and Anchor but believe it or not we aren’t constantly talking football. That’s one of the things I love most about our relationship. We can talk about the game when it’s needed but our relationship goes beyond the Xs and Os.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Montgomery, Alabama

How They Asked

We had an upcoming trip to Paris planned in the first week of December and I was very stressed about packing. I had dinner planned with one of my girlfriends the week before we left, who little did I know was in on the surprise, and I decided to bail in order to pack. Levi had to find a way to get me dressed and out the door after I canceled on my girlfriend. He somehow convinced me to go to dinner, just a casual one with him and I and nothing fancy. On my way out to “dinner” he said, “Babe come quick there are two guys fighting outside!” So I ran outside to our top floor balcony and looked around to find that clearly nothing was happening.

He turned me around and I saw a giant 10-foot sign hanging on the building that said, “Maria will you marry me?” I was so caught off guard, so shocked and surprised. When I turned back around he was on one knee. Our dog was out there as well, with a good friend of ours on the roof of another building downtown taking photos.

It was the perfect, most intimate and meaningful proposal. Montgomery was where we first met, shared our first apartment and we have spent a lot of evenings eating dinner and discussing our days on that porch. He then told me we had actual dinner reservations in a few hours at my favorite restaurant an hour away. A day I’ll remember forever and it couldn’t have been more perfect. We then jetted off to Paris about 5 days later. It has been incredible!

Special Thanks

Caleb Hawk
 | Photographer