Maria and Kevin

How We Met

It seems as if I have known Kevin forever! Since we have mutual friends, Kevin was always around, but we never really talked because I was always unavailable. It wasn’t until we were 19 years old that we ran into each other one night at a bar. He was out with his friends, I was out with mine, and we kind of locked eyes and got to talking. Well, thats short version of our love story! If I must admit it, I had my eye on Kevin the whole night, except he seemed to be into another girl. When I finally saw him alone, I basically grilled him asking where his “girlfriend” was. I’m not sure why, but he actually responded, told me she wasn’t his girlfriend, and introduced me to his friend. Needless to say, we both kind of had a lot to drink that night, had some good conversation, showed each other our killer dance moves, and went our separate ways. A few days later Kevin messaged me on Facebook almost at the exact moment I sent him a friend request. It was from then on, with a couple of bumps in the road, we became inseparable. Unfortunately, the strong bond we once had ended only a year later. Kevin and I were broken up for quite a few years, however, we always kind of stayed in touch. We even dated other people! It wasn’t until the summer of 2013 that we decided to take a weekend getaway together, as friends, to Belmar, New Jersey. It must have been our love for the beach that reconnected us. Kevin and I have been dating ever since!

how they asked

It was the Monday before my proposal that I suggested we go to Coney Island on Friday to see what new shops and restaurants have opened for summer. On that Friday, I rushed home from a word event to find Kevin waiting for me to get ready to go. I asked him if he was sure he still wanted to go since it was getting late. He said we made plans and wanted to stick to them! Arriving in Coney Island, all I could think about is what I wanted to eat and how we were going to choose where to go. Before walking the boardwalk, we went to grab a drink, and spoke about our day, like any other night. When we left the bar, I suggested to go grab food somewhere, but Kevin insisted on walking the boardwalk first. As we were walking, Kevin brought up a night that took place 9 years prior, almost to the day exactly. The night he was referring to was Kevin took me to Coney Island beach to tell me he loved me for the first time. Little did I know, he was reenacting the whole thing, right there. Before I even realized what was happening, Kevin was on his knee, telling me he loved me and asking me to spend forever with him! After crying tears of joy and yelling of “are you serious” over and over, his brother and a few friends came onto the boardwalk with cameras in their hands. Then I also realized random people were clapping and cheering for us as well. Kevin had the whole thing set up and filmed our incredible moment. I could not have asked for a better proposal!!

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