Maria and Justin

Image 1 of Maria and Justin

How They Asked

A few years later we were celebrating 1 year of living together. Justin told me that he was planning to buy me a new Pandora charm for the occasion. Little did I know he had MUCH bigger plans than just a new Pandora charm.

Image 2 of Maria and Justin

Justin had hidden clues around our apartment. I followed each clue to the next, still having no idea what was really going on. It probably seemed like a lot of work when I already knew that I was getting a new Pandora charm. I diligently followed each clue until I reached the last one, it was on our patio. I opened the envelope and read two simple words. “Turn around.” I slowly turned around, and there I saw the last thing I ever expected. Justin was on one knee. He had a little black letter board sign in his hands that read, “Will you marry me?” I was in absolute shock! But, I finally managed to get out “YES!” ………..I’m still waiting on that Pandora charm!!!!!

Image 3 of Maria and Justin