Maria and Julius

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How We Met

He was my stalker at my previous job. We are under one account but I do not know him as we are working on different processes (I am from Procurement and he’s under Finance). We have an internal messenger in the office and he started to communicate with me. It would be months before he finally revealed himself as he is to shy (but it would seem that he’s already courting me as he would leave random stuff e.g. coffee, chocolates, food on my workstation). I could say that I have grown fond of him without even knowing on how he actually looks like. Eventually we met, became coffee buddies and now months before our wedding :)

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how they asked

Being together for 5 years, it was very hard to tell people that we are getting “there” when I don’t actually have an idea of “when”. We would just casually talked about it from time to time but no concrete plans whatsoever. Early last year, I have started to pray for him to propose (just because, I would want others to stop asking us). After more than a year, I got tired and just thought that I’ll just go with the flow and will not mind what other people may say. I recently moved to a new position so I got pretty busy (which is a good thing for me, more work means less time to think of other stuff). Week 04 Monday came and I would be tired and exhausted from all the work and meetings I had to accomplished. Tuesday was the same. He would just be there, asking me how did my day went and comforting me (with free food and sundo). Come Wednesday, I am too excited to go home so I could rest and watch KDramas to relax, but another meeting came up. I initially thought to decline it but I am SO glad I didn’t. The “meeting” started like the normal EVPs I have been part of, I have to rehearse on my script and the team would just film it. then suddenly, the room was filled with music (boyband music, BTW).

I am too clueless on what is happening when one of my girls started to hand me the first photo Julius and I had together, I got so confused and bewildered in a good kind of way. Each of my good friends handed out photos teary eyed and I just sat there, taking it all in. Then Julius came in to the meeting room, looking dashing, holding a bunch of pink balloons and a bouquet of pink flowers. I would never forget the look on his face at that time. I never thought that love can be translated and could be made visible on the face of someone you love.

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Holding my hand, he said that he wouldn’t say anything else then got down on one knee and asked “Will you marry me?” and I answered “Syempre!” of course. He stood up and had me wear the (old rose!!) ring and hugged me tight. Everybody cheered, took photos and videos; and I could see that they are all happy for us. He knows how I love my work, Maersk and the people in it, and I am just so happy to share our next chapter with them.

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