Maria and Joseph

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How We Met

Going into nursing school, the last thing on my mind was meeting the love of my life, or better yet, a boyfriend. It was almost like how Bella met Edward (yes, of course there is a Twilight reference). I walked in 40 minutes late to my first nursing class ever, biology. I looked around in panic for a chair, any chair, that can save me from this humiliating moment. Eventually I found one, across the room and quickly walked up to the empty chair. I was relieved that I didn’t have to stand the rest of the class and as I settle into my desk space, the professor asked us to go and find a lab partner. To avoid further humiliation and getting up to find a lonely person to pair up with me, I naturally turned to the person next to me and said “Hey, you’re my lab partner”. By the time I realized the voice answering “okay” was a man’s voice, he had already caught my stunned stare with his sparkling, bright green eyes. I was floored! What had started out as one of the worst, most embarrassing days of my life, turned out to be the day I met my now husband, Joe. From Lab to Love Partners…yes, it’s cheesy, but 6 years of pure love and precious moments with this guy will make any lady swoon!

how they asked

Fast forward 4 years and I am the happiest woman I know. Joe has taken me to places I have never even been, whether it was being a kid at Universal Studios, experiencing the San Francisco lifestyle for a week, or cheering him on as he ran the Boston Marathon! He has helped me be a better version of myself, even got me into running half marathons! He is my biggest cheerleader and always believes in me. I can say at this point that I was really just waiting for him to put a ring on it! I had even made a Pinterest board of areas to propose! One of them included the Chicago skyline in an area I have never been before, man to have Lake Michigan and the City Lights in the background was a dream. First…I had to get the ring!

December 22, 2013, I am about to turn a quarter of a century old. It was less than 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside and for some reason, I get a call from Joe saying he wants to go downtown to skate. Of the 4 years I had been with him, this was the first time he actually wanted to do something I have been suggesting for a date night forever! He picked me up soon after his call, and downtown we went!

To our surprise, the ice skating rink had a line that wrapped around itself twice. My first thought was, “We need to run to somewhere with a heater and drop this whole plan stat”. An even bigger surprise was when Joe said he would rather keep looking for more things to do outdoors. At this point, I was cold, hungry, and working the night shift prior did not allow me much sleep. This was a bad combo. But Joe insisted, and instead, drove me to the Adler Planetarium. I realized I have never been there and so I was agreeable with his plan. Upon driving to the planetarium, things started to look familiar. As we got out of the car, my breath was taken away by the beautiful scenery before me—it was my Pinterest Dream Engagement Spot! I saw the sparkling Chicago Skyline and saw the glittering,frozen Lake. I made Joe quickly snap a photo of me so I can remember this moment before I run into the car for warmth!

Before, I was able to run back, he grabbed me and said, “My turn.” So, I positioned him right in front of the picturesque, glimmering skyline and proceeded to take his photo….after photo, after photo, after photo. I was so frustrated at how many angles he needed covered for this picture. He must’ve sensed it as he said, ” One last photo”. I rolled my eyes and stared at the phone to find the perfect angle…and my heart dropped. Joe got on his knee and opened up a small velvet box. I was in complete shock as he began by saying how much he loves me and how much I mean to him. I wanted to cry, shout, jump up and down, but all I managed to say as this was happening was a bunch of swear words I probably cannot say here. I was on Cloud 9!

Yes, I was freezing. Yes, I couldn’t feel my fingers. Yes, was all a shock…and yes…I SAID YES!

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