Maria and John

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How We Met

John and I met during my Senior Year of High School, which was his Sophomore Year. I was 17, he was 16. One of our mutual friends introduced us. To make it a VERY long story short, we tried dating 3 times before and it just didn’t work out. But after my first year of college, we started talking again, just as friends. We realized despite time and distance away from each other, our feelings for each other were still strong. So we decided to give it one last shot. February 2, 2013 was our first official date, and we became a couple the next day.

how they asked

It all started in the fall. One night, before John was going home for the night, he spoke to my mom and asked for her permission. She said yes, but John knew that he would also have to ask for my dad’s blessing. If he had it his way, he would’ve proposed already without my dad’s consent. But I told him that I wouldn’t do anything without talking to my dad first. So with my mom’s help, they were able to plan a dinner. He officially got my dad’s blessing on October 30th, 2016.

Originally, John planned to propose to me at his college graduation. I didn’t know this until after the proposal, but he’d been thinking of ways to propose for months, with the help of some of our very close friends.

Unfortunately, my mom passed away on December 5th, 2016, after battling cancer a second time. He decided to move up the proposal, but he didn’t know when exactly he would do it.

This leads us to December 20th. John and I were having a night in at my house, when he says to me, “Babe, I want to take you to see the tree, sometime after Christmas but before New Years.” Not really thinking anything of it, I said “Okay!” and we ironed out the details of when we would be going. I just started a full-time job towards the end of the summer, and with my mother’s death, most of the time I earned had been used, so taking the day off was not an option. We decided it had to be one day after work.

Now, I wouldn’t have suspected anything, if it wasn’t for the fact that 1. He told my dad about it, and 2. He invited a bunch of our friends to go on the trip with us. Now I know those facts don’t seem out of the ordinary, but something about it just didn’t seem normal to me.

So the day finally arrives. We start the evening with dinner, and after that we head over to the tree. I’m over by the tree taking videos, when John calls me over and has everyone circle around me. At this point, all of our friends have their phones out and their all pointed at us. I’m like what’s going on. John takes out this folded up piece of paper and says “I want you to read this, and don’t take your eyes off of the paper until you’re done reading.” So I take the paper from him, and I start reading.

“I met you nearly seven years ago
I made jokes at a talent show
I yelled to Dave Hoge, I wanted him served with turkey
And somehow you fell for a stupid little Brecko

I was awkward and nervous
We broke up 3 times but you wouldn’t go away
It took a few years of knowing you
And a 4th try to realize you were here to stay

How you manage to deal with me
Is a mystery I still haven’t solved
But I don’t have a plan to at this point
I just plan to enjoy being with you for the long haul

We have good times, bad fights
Hard times, Long nights
But every night knowing you’re by my side
Every day I can wake up on a side that feels right

I can’t wait to go through life
And make many more memories
So I wanted to start another by asking this question
Will you marry me?”

So take my eyes off the paper and there he is, down on one knee. I start freaking out and I say yes, albeit crying hysterically. Our friends and even complete strangers were taking pictures and cheering for us.

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