Maria and Jake

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How We Met

Jake and I knew of each other from college, but never really actually got to know each other until we matched on Tinder. We spent a few months messaging back and forth until we actually ever hung out. April 25, 2017, he showed up on my front porch with a bottle of Tequila (our favorite) and we spent the next 5 hours sharing stories, talking about our lives, and laughing nonstop. We spent the first three months of our relationship 1,500 miles apart because I was doing an internship in a different state. So we relied heavily on FaceTime and monthly visits. The second time Jake came down to visit he told me, “I read that you’re supposed to do something really thrilling at the beginning of a new relationship because it builds a strong bond.” So, we jumped out of a plane 11,000 feet in the air. We spent the next year doing and experiencing everything together. From graduating college to starting law school, to moving in together to adopting a puppy. I’ve never been a girl who had any desire to get married, but truth be told that the first time that Jake and I hung out I knew I wanted to spend my life with him – when you know, you know.

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how they asked

We were on vacation in Colorado Springs for a few days and we decided to drive to the top of Pike’s Peak (which was an insanely nerve-racking drive!!). We made it to the top and we spent some time walking around and taking in the absolutely breathtaking view. It was a little cloudy that day, but still so incredible. I was so excited for the gift shop at the top, because I had heard about how they have really good donuts – so after we walked around and took some pictures I suggested we go get the donuts. Before we made it to the gift shop, Jake pulled me over to take in the view again and he kept telling me how much he loved me and I KNEW it was coming.

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He started to get pretty nervous and I could literally feel my eyes start to tear up (not just because it was 30 degrees up there). Then, he got down on one knee and asked me to spend my life with him. This ignited so many emotions – I was crying, laughing, and so full of love. I not only left the top of Pike’s Peak with some delicious donuts but also a FIANCE!

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