Maria and Giovanni

Maria and Giovanni's Engagement in At a park

How We Met

Gio and I met thru a mutual friends on December 30th, 2015. I came to Miami for the Holidays and my friend and I wanted to out at night and enjoy the beach, she invited her friend and her friend invited his other friends. Once we all met up we headed to a near by club and we hung out. Hours later a random man approached me to dance and I said no thank you but the man insisted and Gio was coming back from the restroom and I quickly grabbed him and told the man that he was my boyfriend to please stop asking! That moment was the beginning of everything =). For the rest of the night he protected me and we chatted about random topics. Night was coming to an end and we parted our separate ways. The next day he sent me a friend request on Facebook and we got each others numbers and we started talking and we realised we had things in common and we decided to have a long distance relationship for a little until I moved back to Miami and moved in with him.

how they asked

So as years passed our family grew! Our love for animals lead us to having a big family. So I wanted to have a nice family picture we could hang around our home. I contacted an amazing photographer ( Jen & Don)that was able to capture my beautiful family as I wanted. Towards the middle of the photo-shoot Gio wanted one special picture… A proposal picture! He popped the question and I said Yes!!

Special Thanks

Jen & Don
Karla Hernandez | 
Helped handling my furry kids.