Maria and Gildazio

How We Met

Gil and I met 6 years ago through a mutual friend. He was dating a friend of mine. We met on their first date… 6 years later at a July 4th party… we saw each other again. My best friend took me to her sorority sisters party, her boyfriend is Gildazio’s best friend. I recognized but couldn’t believe it was him, what were the odds that I would see him after so many years. After a while, I asked one of his friends I had seen him talking to earlier what his name was, they said Gil. “I knew it!” And ran outside and said hi! He recognized me and said hi maria.. he didn’t think I’d remembered him so he didn’t want to say anything. By the end of the night we exchanged phone numbers and decided we should catch up.. we talked every day since and went on our first day July 28th 2016.

how they asked

I still can’t believe he proposed. We went to Ecuador together for a family wedding. It was our first vacation so we were super excited. It was the Friday before it was time to come back home to New York and we had gone to my grandmothers house with my whole family to have dinner. After dinner we were all standing in the living room area and he had gone to the bathroom. My dad then pulled me aside trying to distract me and said I got a surprise for your mom…and then the mariachi band came in. I was so excited because I have never seen that and was excited that my dad was being romantic!! I went to look for my mom because she was missing it and I found her talking to Gil. So oblivious to everything I just said “guys your missing the show come on!!!” So I went back to keep watching and everyone had champagne and then I see my mom come to my dad and I was upset at Gil because he wouldn’t come watch the show with me.

And then I saw him coming towards me with a flower behind his back so I thought “adorable your giving me a flower it’s romantic since there was a band and what not… and then…. he got down on one knee in one swift motion and said “Maria Fernanda Aguinaga will you marry me??” I was in total shock that I just began to kiss him and started crying because I have never been so happy in my life! He asked me so that’s a yes right???

Proposal Ideas Ecuador

I told him of course! Yes yes yes!! Even though we have been together less than a year I knew I met my soul mate 6 years ago.. we both were just not ready for each-other when we did. We you know.. you know.

Special Thanks

Marcos Aguinaga (father of the bride) | 
Maria Pia Bayas (mother of the bride) | 
Maria Fernanda Bayas (bride's aunt) |