Maria and Frankie

Maria's Proposal in Rye Playland

How We Met

Me and Frankie met 10 years ago on July 4, 2007 in Playland in Rye, NY. We met under the archways during the fireworks. Although we weren’t together for these past full ten years we always crossed paths one way or another. I lived my life and he lived his. I guess you can say we had to go through our mazes in life in order to really find out who we were. Fast forward now to the past 8 Months and we’ve been happier than ever together. Together since April 2017. We’ve been through so much in such short time but we’ve grown together and have become best friends as well. He’s built me up and been my rock as I am his. although it’s been 10 years we’ve spoken about going back to where it all began.

Where to Propose in Rye Playland

how they asked

This part still gets me. Background on the date. November 11th is my Fathers birthday. My father passed on Christmas Eve 2012. I am the youngest of 6 children (4 older brothers, my sister and myself) so family is everything to me. My father was my everything. I was his little girl, so to lose him at such a young age was very hard on me. Now, every year we celebrate my fathers birthday as if he were still here. Well, this year was a little different, better for sure. Frankie and I had a wedding the night before and during the father daughter dance while I was sobbing like a child he had told me he wanted to take me somewhere after the Cemetery. So of course he’s my boyfriend I say “of course babe whatever you’d like to do” while smiling and kissing him. Now back to the day of. So oblivious to it all. I get dressed hair/makeup/perfume because of course we’re celebrating my father like a real party I had in the works for a whole month and a half. Or so I thought. We Say see ya later to his parents since they were meeting us at the house after and we leave. We go to the cemetery and wait for my Mother and sister and my brother in law. Alone for a little while but not too long we say as I told funny stories of my Papa. In walks my family and we reminisce for a little. My boyfriend then turns to me and tells me he wants to go to the spot now because we don’t have long until we have to get back to my house. As we’re leaving my sister says she wants to come with so she doesn’t have to help in the kitchen, which I get cause I would of done the same. Haha. So in the car, driving around, music playing, dancing like weirdos and singing we get to the exit after 25 minutes and he turns to me and says I still haven’t asked where we were going. I said “well I’m with you I don’t have to ask”. He then turns to me and says “Well, it’s your fathers birthday and I wanna make you happy so I’m taking you to the first place we met”. Me of course like a child I get all excited and scream “PLAYLAND!” So we pull in now and park. We start walking in and see that the park is closed so we walk over towards the boardwalk. Since it’s cold now and the beach is closed the dogs were running around and playing so it was a calm feeling to be around. My sister caught my attention for a moment looking down the opposite way of the boardwalk, making me oblivious to anything else around me. After a moment I heard my boyfriend behind me keep saying “Babe, babe, babe.” As I turn to answer him I see him, my everything, down on one knee with the most amazing ring I have ever seen in my life. Even though I almost lost my footing, almost fainted, and was basically hyperventilating, it was the most amazing moment of my life. And now I get to plan the most amazing day with my other half.

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Rosemarie Di Laura
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The Di Laura Family ( My mother especially)
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