Maria and Frank

How We Met

Every proposal story is Beautiful but ours is my favorite! So this is the journey though Frankie & Maria Katherine’s love story! On December 24 Laurie and Frank Anemone brought the biggest blessing into this world Frankie Charlie Anemone, not knowing this amazing human would change my life, I want to thank my parents Inez & Gary on March 17th to have brought me into this world and being Frankie’s lucky charm!

So it started on forth of July, the holiday was fireworks and smiles, I meet Frankie on Fire Island at the casino on the beach. I went to the bar and tried to get a drink for me and my friends, I tapped him on the back and said excuse me can I get a drink, he turned around and stated what would you like? Mind you, I need to order for like 20 people, he paid for all my friends, I was shocked, he turned around and asked what’s your name? I said Maria, I asked what is yours he stated Frankie, I looked at him and was so taken back by how absolutely handsome he was, great smile, funny personality, and perfect presents and very polite. Then came the kicker, he’s like you like to eat ? I go of course he asked me, have you ever been to carmines in the city? I said no, he answered I’ll take you. I said, sounds good.

I said I have to go find my friends, I ran back to my friends and said I found the most beautiful soul, my friends were like maria something has to be wrong him, thinking to my self how is he suppose to be the one, I was not meant to be here today? There has to be a catch, then I was like he has to have a lazy eye or be taken, no one is that perfect and not have something wrong with them. But I had to take a leap of faith, me being crazy I was like I have to see his eyes cause he had glasses on. So, I ran up to him and said “Frankie take off those glasses” he looked at me like she must be crazy lol he pulled down the glasses and had the most beautiful hazel green eyes and the sun just shined on him and I was so taken aback I was like he’s the one. He’s like are you ok? and I stated he had beautiful eyes and smiled back at him and he was the reason.

However it wasn’t the still months later I ran into him after the Yankee game, in a town we both hung out in, and again I wasn’t supposed to be at that place that night, He came up to me and stated I listened to you and I would love to take you out to dinner. He walked me to my car and kissed me for the first time in front of the church that we both attend how. It felt like fireworks and this was too good to be true.

After that, we became each other’s gym partners, to him being my personal chef, to helping me raise my brother after my parents passed away. He never gave up on my brother and I when times got tuff and days got harder, he stood by our sides to make our days better.

One day I texted him like where are you? I have seen his location and it was at a bar on a Sunday, I’m like he’s at a boozy brunch while he says he’s at church, I was like I knew it !!!! Boy, was I wrong he sent me a picture he was at church by himself and the harbor church just rents out that space? I was like, wow I stopped believing in god after, I lost my parents, in that same year I get hit by a drunk driver on Christmas, lost my job and just adopted my brother. He stated come with me next time. So I did and I was not the church type. Then I went and fell in love, with how these people at church were blessing others, and from all the sad stories, cancer, odds people struggling and dying they still prayed and hoped for there well being. And that’s all Frankie wanted for my brother and me.

how they asked

July 28th, 2018, Frankie says, Maria pack your bag for the day were going to go to Montauk. I said ok, however, I got shots in my knee and could barely walk from the car accident I was in. We drive to Montauk and we go to the sloppy tuna for lunch and sit and watch the dolphins in the water and saying this place is a hidden gem. After he said I have a place to take you. We now drive to this most amazing resort, that I told him I wanted to go to. It overlooked the beautiful ocean with personal cabanas. I was going to kill him cause it was the top of the line place. After that, we got dressed and he said let’s go to the lighthouse quick before dinner I was like ok! I had never been and couldn’t wait to go!

Maria and Frank's Engagement in Montauk

So Frankie and I walked all the way up to the top and gives me a box and states “I waited so long to give you this and waited for months to come ” and I open and its a bangle he sees my face and smiles I thought it was the ring, I was DEAD WRONG, it was a rose-gold bangle from Michael Kors, I loved the bangle but he knew deep down I wanted more, ” I replied you could have got this at the mall and he laughed !

So he walked to the bottom and walked outside and stated maria HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE ME? Every day we asked each other that and hold our arms wide open and say this much! so I held my arms wide open and said this much, he got on one knee, <3 I started to shake and cry cause I loved him more than life, and knew he is my life. Every one in Montauk clapped, yelled, screamed and cheered! So it was official, I was Mrs. Anemone. Frankie looked at me and I stared into those eyes and remembered the first time I saw them. This journey we built together was beautiful, I might have changed him and his life but he SAVED mine. I knew by saying yes my life would be full of lessons and blessing.

Frankie is my saving grace and I couldn’t ask for a better man, he always puts everyone ahead of him, he’s so selfless and that’s the type of man I wanted in my life as a husband as a life partner and as a father to our children. in Proverbs 27:17 iron sharpens iron ” when it talks about iron sharpens iron, it means you both are on the same page of being better, tougher, stronger because the world is out to pull you apart that’s what they do. If you notice its always easy to do the wrong and it’s never easy to do the right thing. Its something to be said about that spiritually and mentally so may all you all engaged and married couples be blades of steel, as God blesses you joined as one.

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