Maria and Fadi

How We Met: Well the story is in our proposal video. He sat down next to me in church one night on Holy Thursday. I thought “why is he sitting so close??” I could feel him starring at me and he admits that he was starring. He left that night and told his friend he wanted my number because I was the girl he was going to marry.

I didn’t tell him until later on but as I was sitting next to him I felt something tell me that he was the man I would marry. I went home that night and told my sister I found the man I would marry and he would call me soon. He called the next day, we dated for 1 year and were engaged for 6 months.

how they asked: I had a dinner planned with girlfriends on a Friday night. Of course I tried cancelling the dinner that day because I was sooo tired after working all day. Instead of getting all dolled up that night, I threw my hair in a ponytail and dressed in the most comfortable outfit I could find. Little did I know Fadi had planned to propose at the restaurant.

I sat down and ordered a drink with 5 of my closest friends. Then our song started to play, I looked to my best friend to see what was going on but she refused to look at me in fear she might give it away. The hostess brought flowers up to my table and Fadi then came up to take my hand and lead me to the dance floor. We danced while we whispered sweet nothings into my ear.

I looked to my left and 80 of our friends and family were surrounding us with camera phones, not to mention the professional photographer and videographer he had taping us! He proposed in my ear with the line from Rocky where Rocky asks Adrian to marry him…


“So what are you doing for the next 40 or 50 years?” Then Fadi got on his knee and after I nodded (because I was laughing/crying) the room abrupted in cheers and applause. A second later his parents surprised him after flying in to see his proposal from where they live in San Diego, CA!

Best part? I own Ready Set Propose and he still surprised me! He used all my vendors from the video to photo to cake and flowers! He surprised the proposal planner! :)

We married on November 26, 2014 (biggest bar night of the year)

Proposal Planner: Ready? set…propose!  | Cake by: Paradise Cakes