Maria and Eric

How We Met

While slightly embarrassing (and probably ages us)…we actually met on MySpace. Before the times of private pages, when you could search for whomever you want. He wrote me a message and sent me a friend request. The message said something to the effect of “I’d like to ask you out, but that’s creepy to do via MySpace…so if you’re up for it, accept my friend request, and I’ll prove I’m not a creep over the next 30 days and then I’ll ask you out.” So each day, I received a message from him via MySpace telling me something about him…how he chose his career, how he adopted his cat, how he paid off his Ducati, how important his brother was to him, etc. He was honest, funny, witty, charming and the experience was sort of surreal. I found myself looking forward to my daily message but realized I wasn’t saying anything back to him, when he said “its ok if you respond”, ha ha! Needless to say, we met on day 17…and the rest is history!

how they asked

He asked me early in the week if Saturday I wanted to go to breakfast and for a hike. Going out to breakfast was a weekly occurrence but not the hike, although I didn’t think anything of it. Nor did I put it together when he wanted to be dropped off at my dad’s house Friday night while I had a hair appointment. However, we never made it to the hike because in the wee hours of Saturday morning, he woke me up and as I sat up in a haze, he was on one knee by the side of the bed and asked me to marry him. And then presented the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. In a half asleep fog and instantly distracted by the bling, I must have not answered him because he asked me again! Of course, I said yes and then he explained that he ruined his own plan because he couldn’t sleep and was so excited he just had to ask…pretty cute! We did make it to our usual breakfast place though and celebrated with mimosas!

Image 1 of Maria and Eric

Special Thanks

Clane Gessel
 | Photographer