Maria and Elvis

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How We Met

I met Elvis in 2016 while he was working in my hometown. We had an instant connection and I was so happy when he asked me out for our first date. To my surprise, he suggested we go for a hike. I was really excited, but I had no idea what I was in for. The “hike” ended up being more of what I now joke as a trek up a mountain. It was a really steep slope that he forced me to walk up multiple times. By the end, I thought to myself “Well, that was a disaster.” To my surprise, he texted me before I even left the parking lot to make a joke about my struggles up the hill. I was so giddy when I saw he was texting me so soon. Even though I didn’t think the first date went well, I decided to go out for round two when he asked me later that week…and I am so glad that I did!

how they asked

In June, I went on a trip to my favorite place on earth with my mom and my daughter. Elvis was supposed to be joining us later in the week because he had a work conflict. Our first day in the parks was the day after we arrived in Florida. I was so excited I hardly noticed I hadn’t heard from Elvis all day. I got a text message from him around 2 pm telling me he was at work. Little did I know, he spent the morning on a plane from Massachusetts to Florida. Shortly after, I was walking to one of our fast passes with my daughter and my mother not too far behind. All of a sudden I felt someone jump on me from behind.

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It took a few seconds to come down from my initial shock and realize who was standing there, laughing. It was Elvis. I immediately knew what was about to happen. I started getting nervous and repeatedly asked him what he was doing here early, and why my mom was taking pictures of us. He then took me aside and uttered the most romantic and beautiful words anyone has ever said to me, before asking me to be his wife. It truly was the best day ever!