Maria and Edwin

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How We Met

We met our sophomore year of high school. He claims every year he would walk into every period and scan the room for the cutest girls and since sophomore year we had first period together, he picked me first that year. We never really talked and I honestly don’t remember him fully until months later when I come walking into class crying. I was all dressed up and he noticed me walk through the door. While everyone was trying to cheer me up he was the only one to make me laugh. His exact words were, “damn Mariaaaa, let me take you out, I’ll show you a good time.” A girl sitting in front of him asked him if he was gunna “get that” but he said nah nah I look throwed today.

She looked him up and down and said yea try some other day. Since it was exam day he had come in a old t-shirt and basketball shorts, as most people do exam week. The fact that I came dressed up caught his eye. We started to talk a little more and soon after he tried asking me out but because I had just broken up with my first boyfriend I politely told him I wasn’t ready yet. Apparently he took that to mean I NEVER wanted to be with him so he quickly moved on to someone else, which made me want him more now. Luckily for me that relationship ended before he even started and I swooped in. It took us about a week before we finally began to date after about 5 months from his first confession. Our entire class was peeking though the class window and cheered the second we kissed for the first time. We have been inseparable ever since.

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how they asked

We were going on a family trip to Europe for 10 days, so I was hoping to get a proposal during this time. I saw a few opportunities where popping the question would result in good photos and made sure to make it clear. We planned on going to the Fault in Our Stars bench in Amsterdam, the Eiffel Tower and a Wall of Love in Pairs to name a few. I dropped major hints that these were the places I was looking forward to the most. Once we got to Amsterdam, we ditched our scheduled tour to run to where the bench was located. I had already looked up the address and knew it was 7 minutes away from where we were going to be, but we only had 45 minutes before the bus left again. We ran about 3 miles asking locals along the way to make sure you we were going the right way. I am not a runner whatsoever so I felt like I was dying halfway there but I really wanted to get there so I kept pushing.

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By the time we got to the area where it was supposed to be and still no sign, we asked another local who told us was very very far, we wouldn’t make it there in time. Discouraged, we ran back to catch the bus. Later we found out the bench was stolen!! So no proposal that day. I figured the Eiffel tower could be a nice chance as well but after 3 trips still nothing. I was beginning to think it wasn’t going to happen at all but then I thought well maybe he’s just waiting till the last day of our trip, so I waited. The last day I made sure to look a little nicer than normal and emphasize my desire to see the wall of love. I broke out into a huge argument with my parents that night and didn’t end up going, so I figured nope, no proposal. The following morning we woke up very very early to catch the shuttle that was taking us to the airport; both very sad that it was time to go back home and grumpy because it was way to early in the day to be awake. Once we got to the airport I sat down to write a paper for school I had been pushing off till the last second; I really couldn’t wait anymore.

He started to walk around as I typed my paper but he normally wanders, so I didn’t think anything of it. I wanted to see where he was going as I didn’t want to sit there alone but he told me to concentrate on my paper. I just thought he was trying to be helpful. Time flew by and it was time to board. He ran back to me in a different mood, much happier than before. I told him I’d run to the bathroom before we had to board and he seemed even happier. I walked out and there was a line for our terminal so I directed him towards it but he made us sit down for a bit longer. We sat down and he held my hand tight looked at me and said so you sure you love me? I immediately knew what was about to happen and from the corner of my eye saw my sister trying to hide her camera. I tried to act like I didn’t know anything as he continued speaking. It was a side of him I had never seen before. His legs were shaking and so was his voice, he kept rubbing my hands and after the sweetest words he says so…(kneeling down) will you marry me?

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With the most amazing ring in hand I may add.

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He has previously faked kneeling down on multiple occasions so as he was kneeling I gave him a face, but once I saw the ring and his nerves, I knew it was real.

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Of course I squealed a yes and held him tight. It had finally come true. We heard those around us clap and yell; even heard someone say that’s how you do it!! Turns out he had left to ask my dad for his blessing and that’s why returned so happy, going to the bathroom made him happier because he then had a chance to ask my sister to take photos. He didn’t want to be like a lot of people and propose somewhere common, but still wanted it to be special and spontaneous. So moments before boarding our plane in Paris, he asked me to spend forever with him in the simplest way.

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I never cared for something extravagant, I just cared for him to ask when he felt right. Now it’s reality and I can’t wait to start our lives together as husband and wife.

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