Maria and Dean

How We Met

Dean and I were part of the same church youth group and actually sat next to each other by fluke on a plane ride to a camp trip to Vancouver back in 2015. Although we were both dating other people at the time, we kept bumping into each other because of mutual friends, so we never completely lost touch. Fast forward to March 2018 (both single) we went out for drinks to welcome one of our Vancouver friends who had come to visit Montreal. Dean poked fun at me the whole night and before we knew it we were texting and talking every day.

How They Asked

Dean and I were planning a trip to Japan and it just so happened to fall on our one year anniversary. He kept hinting that he was going to propose in Greece later that summer so I was completely blinded at the fact that he had actually planned the proposal for Japan. Dean contacted flytographer to capture the moment and it was literally the best decision he ever made (after asking me to be his wife of course hahaha). Lucas was amazing and we have the most beautiful pictures to cherish for the rest of our lives ♥️

Dean actually proposed by handing me a rock with a cross engraved in it because we had watched a documentary on penguins and that’s how penguins pick a mate; they hand them the shiniest pebble.

Needless to say, when Dean handed me the pebble I knew what was happening and started sobbing and didn’t hear a thing Dean actually said. He then took out the ring to put on my finger but I was already wearing 3 rings on my ring finger so both of us started laughing and he put the ring on top of my stack. I’m so blessed to be marrying the love of my life.

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