Maria and Daniel


How We Met

Five years ago my family and I went on our first family cruise to the Bahamas. Little did I know my life would soon change forever. About the second day of my vacation I spotted the most handsome man I had ever seen. Later on in the week I saw the same man during club nights, cruise events, and lazy poolside activities, but I thought nothing of it. One night my sister and I were sitting in the club. We weren’t really feeling the music and just decided to hang out. A few minutes after sitting down that same handsome guy came by with his friends and relatives. They asked us to dance but we politely said no. I suggested maybe later on in the week we could dance. But they would’t give up, so my sister and I cracked. We started dancing and acting silly. The club had to shut down the music because there were underaged teens inside. Danny jumped onto the piano and played “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. Everyone was singing along and we were having a good time. We said our goodbyes and went back to our rooms. The following night I was looking around but couldn’t find him around anywhere. I was a little upset thinking that I would never see him again. That same day at the beach in the Bahamas I was enjoying the vacation with my family, but occasionally looking around from him. Still I couldn’t find him (ironically his whole family is in the background of my pictures at the beach). Little did I know he was right in front of my face. That night, the last night of the cruise, we bumped into each other again. We hit it off right away and the night just flew by. We held hands and talked about our lives, just getting to know each other. My sister and I went back to our rooms and “went to bed”. Without our parents knowing we snuck out and spent the entire night into the next morning with my future husband and his friend. We snuck up to the top of the ship and laughed the entire time. Finally we exchanged numbers and kept in touch after. We then found out that we had so much in common, he was originally from Brooklyn (where I live), we were born in the same hospital (two days apart), our grandfathers are buried right next to each other (creepy!), and we were just meant to be!!

Maria and Danny (above) this is when we snuck up to the top of the ship!


This is when we were hanging out in the club the night Maria & Danny officially met! (above)


Danny playing Don’t Stop Believing after the music was shut off. (above)

how they asked

On January 2, 2016 we had “plans” to go ice skating with friends of ours. We usually go to Bryant Park in NYC but this time Danny made plans (very unlike him) to go ice skating in Central Park. That morning we woke up got dressed and hopped on the train. First we went to Macy’s in Herald Square to go shopping (foreshadowing: Danny was stalling because our sisters weren’t at Central Park yet). After our pit stop we hopped back on the train heading to Central Park. When we got out of the train we started walking and taking in the scenery. After awhile I decided to find the location of the ice skating rink in my phone because Danny seemed lost. The phone said we were going the wrong way! But Danny told me that our friends assured us that after we passed the bridge, we would see the ice skating rink. I kept walking as we talked about coming here on a nice day in the summer to take photographs. Looking at the bridge I then took a picture of it because it was so beautiful, not knowing that once I walked under it my life would change instantly. We continue walking and I see a tripod on the floor, in front of the tripod are rose pedals. I still don’t know what is going on and I am looking for a photographer thinking someone is taking pictures. Then I spot my sister and Danny’s sister and am wondering what they are doing. We get close to the rose pedals Danny grabs my hand and then it clicks! He gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. After I calm down and it all sinks in, I see my sister is all dressed up and am wondering why. Her answer was “There are more surprises to come, I have your clothes.” Danny ended up arranging a dinner cruise, since we met on a cruise, with our parents in order to celebrate our engagement. The night was perfect and then there was another surprise! Danny documented the entire planning portion of the engagement. He made a 40 minute video of different clips which included himself and family. I am so grateful to be marrying my soul mate and best friend. He really did a good job planning this special time in our lives.




Special Thanks

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