Maria and César

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How We Met

Our story dates back when we were 14 years old. We were to teenagers who fell in love in a self-made world of wonder and endless possibilities. When I had to leave our dear country for unfortunate reasons, I wondered if our dreams and hopes were to be harmed by the one we were about to face. So we did.

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It wasn’t an easy road. Lots to wonder, doubts. Questions.


But there is a glue that sticks all things together, once something breaks it fails to set it to perfection but rather to a reality we shape: love.

Cesar and I shaped ourselves throughout the years.

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And it was shown on July 1, 2018, when he kneeled holding a ‘ring pop’ (when we were younger, he promised he would propose with a ring pop – so he did) and asked to marry him.

I knew it wasn’t about a stone, or a show, much less the emotions of the moment.

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It was all about love.

Our stubborn, sweet, unconditional love.

And I said yes.

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how they asked

I am very close to my family and Cesar is too. It is not easy to go foreign and leave it all behind. Family means the world to us.

My mother was close to leave from Shanghai (where we reside). The day before my mother was set to depart, we (my father, my sister, Cesar, a family friend, and my mother) went out to have dinner, as we do every Sunday.

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Cesar was late (as usual!), and we like to try different places every time to eat, so it was not weird when my father took us to the rooftop restaurant at the top of the Shanghai Museum. It was breathtaking for sure.

We went inside the restaurant, sat down, facetimed my other sister in the United States, and she asked us to show her the place outside. My father grabbed my hand and walked me – along with everybody else – outside.

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He was there. Standing at the end of the roof. He was there, waiting for me. A love that has lasted for over 8 years, rough, unexpected, worthy.

I walked, and as every step I made I couldn’t stop crying. I wanted to control myself but when I saw his face in tears, I couldn’t.

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I remember when we were little ones. We were watching a latino novela when a guy proposed at the most beautiful beach in Venezuela to the woman of his life with a ring pop. At the time, Cesar said:

‘One day, I will be that man and you will be that woman.’

There wasn’t a beach. There wasn’t Venezuela. But there was him, our Fonseca song, and a candy ring.

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His first words were:

‘It’s been a long time, and all I want is forever’

– He kneeled. Stood up. Set the candy ring on my finger. Hugs, tears, and kisses.

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Next thing I heard:

‘Do you want to marry me?’

– Kneeled again. This time, a gold ring.

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My heart had decided years ago, but to make life more implicit, I said:


we kissed. My friends jumped out of the blue. My parents and my sisters were screaming their emotions out. I looked around – everyone was crying. That night, my memory took a panoramic that is, to this moment, embedded in my heart.

. (And yes, I still wear the candy ring!)

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