Maria and Brian

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How We Met

I was put at a restaurant/bar with my mom and her girlfriends when I realized I could not spend my Friday night listening to their mom gossip anymore. I ran into a friend who told me some of our pals were going to this smokey bar down the street from my house to sing some karaoke. I haven’t seen those friends in a while, so I figured I’d go surprise them. Lucky for me, those friends brought along my future. We talked all night long and hung out every day for a month straight after. He gave me the girlfriend title after only a month, us both agreeing “when you know, you know.”

how they asked

The last weekend in June, we went to visit his aunt and uncle in West Virginia. Being a huge hunter, this place might be his favorite place on earth. His dream come true: a house on a ton of acres and country for miles. Before heading out to a party to watch some fireworks, he wanted to “see if I can help spot and listen for deer.”

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After reminding him how awful my sight is and that I can never hear anything, he turns and tells me, “Well it’s a good thing that’s not why we’re really out here…” while getting down on one knee. After I said yes, I heard his uncle cheering and his aunt came rolling out from behind a bush with her fancy camera. West Virginia will now always have a little piece of my heart.

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Special Thanks

Aunt Marolyn Baldrige
 | Photographer