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How We Met

Anuar and I met in college, he was a senior and I was a freshman. We first met at a frat party of all places,he literally came up to me and just started talking. He was different from all the other guys, he seemed interested in talking to me and getting to know me, something that was hard to find with a bunch of frat guys. We learned a lot about each other that night, we both lived in the dorms at campus, we had the same favorite band, and we had grown upin the same neighborhood as kids. After that night we became inseparable, we studied together, had little froyo dates, he became my party chaperon, basically if we weren’t in my dorm hanging out we were in his playing dance central. He later told me he chose that game to impress me… He did not realize what a dorky dance he really was! Anyway so it all sounds perfect, except for one thing. I was not interested in him in that way. I saw in him a brother, a really good friend and nothing more. When he finally told me how he felt, I turned him down we had a little fallout but I insisted we were too good of friends to let anything ruin that. It took a little time but he came around. It wasn’t until a couple of months later that a friend of his started to show an interest on him that I realized how much I actually liked him! Problem was, I had already turned him down, I thought I had missed my chance. Thank God Anuar did not give up easy! I threw a birthday dinner for my best friend in my dorm and Anuar volunteered to stay behind and help me clean up. When everyone left, he asked me out one more time and I finally said YES! That was four years ago, we now live in a completely different city, we bought our first house last year, and we are engaged! He always tells me, “Nice guys don’t always finish last”.
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how they asked

For Anuar’s 26 birthday we decided to take a little trip, we love Colorado and a skiing trip seemed like the perfect way to go. Anuar was particularly interested in reaching the Maroon Bells, it is a beautiful mountain with a lake at its foot, the perfect scenery. Since we love to hike I did not think anything of it so we headed on down to the Maroon Bells. About 5 minutes into the drive the road was closed. I was all but ready to turn back when Anuar suggested we hike the rest of the way. It was about 6 miles out and 6 miles to return and while I was not completely convinced, but it was his birthday week and he was just so excited. So we said what the hell, packed some water, put on our snow boots and headed out. The locals had told us the sun set at around 6:30 PM, so we figured we needed to be back before then, I was not about to be hiking out in the snow in the dark. We were about a mile from our destination before I convinced Anuar we had to turn back, it was starting to get dark out and it had begun to snow. He was sooooooooo disappointed. I tried to cheer him up! I told him look at this view! Even if we did not get to the actual place the journey was so beautiful! He agreed with me and we turned back. The next day it was Anuar’s birthday – March 8th. Anuar was on a mission! He said “Today we are getting to the summit of a mountain!”, I thought this guy is crazy, we couldn’t even get to the foot of a mountain and he wants to reach the top of it! But I went with it, it was his birthday! So we looked for paths, for roads that weren’t closed, anything! And finally we found it! The Aspen Mountain Gondola! We got two tickets and made our way up Aspen Mountain, on the way up we told this local lady that was there for skiing, as most people were, that we were trying to find a good place to hike. She told us that behind the skiing slopes, there were paths within the mountain for people looking to hike. Anuar later said it was meant to happen there and not in the maroon bells. We thanked her and headed towards the back of the slopes. The paths were breathtaking, it looked like movie set. It was a small hike to the summit so we hiked until we reached the very top.The snow looked like powdered sugar and glitter, it covering every tree and every surface, you could see the whole town from above and the neighboring mountains. It was just magical and it was just the two of us. It was perfect. In the summit, Anuar set up our camera to get a picture of the two of us, he told me do this pose and do this other pose, what I did not know is he had the camera on record to capture the proposal! After a couple of poses he turned me to face him, grabbed my hands and he kissed me. He told me he loved me and how he had no doubt in his mind that I was the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with. He thanked me, for making him a more adventurous man, and for letting him, above all else, to be himself. He told me, I wanted to do this in the most beautiful place, because that is what you deserve, at this point I realized it wasn’t just a declaration of love, so my hands flew to my face and my eyes filled with tears. He told me, now I just have one question to ask you, he reached in his jacket and went down on his knee. He opened the little black box and he asked me to marry him. I could not find my voice, so I nodded frantically and before I knew it I was on my knees too! I kissed him and I finally said YES! I pulled myself together and stood back up, still on his knees, he placed that beautiful ring on my finger and we were engaged!

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