Maria and Andrew

Image 1 of Maria and Andrew

How We Met

We met online. I had dated since my early twenties and it always ended in heartache. I was telling me sister about dating online and she said she would pick out my next date. He was completely different from my “usual type” and my sister felt that I needed to try a different type. We met for a coffee and that turned into dinner. I remember looking into his eyes as we talked and feeling so safe and drawn to him. We fell in love so easily and I moved in with him 7 months later. It took me 47 years to find him but I’m so grateful for having him in my life. He’s wonderful and I still thank me sister every time we talk about him.

how they asked

We had been dating almost three years and Andrew had said that we would be married one day and I never felt that it wouldn’t happen. I was 49 and had met someone that made me so happy. We decided to take a week long trip to Alaska which seemed like a dream in itself. Our first stop was Juneau Alaska and I had asked him to see the famous waterfall. When the got off the ship, Andrew said “let’s walk” and I immediately felt irritated and he knew it. I thought “we’re on vacation, why can’t we take a bus there, we’re suppose to be relaxing.” As we neared the waterfall, we could see a little bit of it from the trial and I noticed he was walking faster and faster. I thought to myself, “why is he so anxious to get there.” When we got to the end of the trail, I was speechless and in awe of how beautiful it all was, so much so that I didn’t see him take out a ring. He grabbed me by the should to turn me around and he said “Maria will you marry me, I’m serious”. I immediately started crying because I loved him so much. After I had stopped crying he said “there’s something I need to tell you about the ring…it’s fake.” He said that he need a ring and had ordered it on Amazon. He said that you can’t propose without a ring and he was right but that didn’t stop me from showing off my ring to strangers that we were engaged. It was the perfect proposal and a couple of months later we picked out my “real” engagement ring.