Maria and Andrew

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This year (2016) was amazing for both of us. We both finished our masters degrees in higher education, something we are both passionate about. I was so proud to see him walk the stage at Northeastern University, and he was equally proud when I did the same the next day at Springfield College. I’d be lying if I didn’t expect a proposal sometime this year, but never in my wildest imagination did I expect him to propose on graduation day in front of most of my family and friends. We were just minding our own business taking a picture together after I’d gotten pictures with everyone else, he was the last to get in the shot with me. Without me knowing, he reached into his opposite pocket to grab the ring. I heard him mutter “this might make the picture a little better”. It was a magical, out of body experience. I barely looked down to notice the (gorgeous and perfect) princess cut, solitaire diamond ring, because I was too busy alternating between smiling and crying while I looked at him on one knee. Family, friends and spectators watched, snapped pictures, and cheered. It’s a day I’ll never, ever forget.
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