Maria and Andrew

How They Asked

We planned our dream vacation to Italy and decided that we would each plan a secret date night for each other – his in Rome, and mine in Florence. While I thought my fancy restaurant followed by an Italian karaoke bar was genius, his date idea totally had me beat. It was our second night there (thankfully before the pasta and wine bloat set in. Kind of.), and he told me that for part of our date he hired a photographer to take professional pictures of us gallivanting in Rome!

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We ended up at the top of the Spanish Steps at sunset, a view that will take your breath away. As the photographer was taking solo pictures of me, I felt Andrew come up behind me, and tell me he loved me. I turned around to find him on one knee, ring in hand. Cue the waterworks. I was a blubbering mess and couldn’t manage to say a single word, leaving poor Andrew to ask for clarification, “So…is that a yes?” Of COURSE, it was a yes, and the rest is history!!

Special Thanks

Karina Dedlovskaya
 | Photographer