Man Edits Himself into "Love Actually" Movie to Propose to Girlfriend

Image 1 of Maria and Allan

How We Met

Allan and I met on Tinder and to be honest, I don’t remember swiping on him at all. I had just uninstalled and reinstalled Tinder for the third time (after ending a “relationship” that I thought was going somewhere, but he didn’t feel the same), and I was most likely swiping Right blindly. The thing that separated Allan from all the other messages, and made me want to continue to talk to him was that his first message was not creepy at all! He was just a “normal” guy – his first message was “Hey! Lovely smile! :) How’s it going?” and from there, the conversations just flowed and I knew on the third day of us talking, I had to meet this guy! He asked me out and we agreed to meet at a Boston Pizza around my area. I was really nervous going into the date – is he going to look like his picture? Are our conversations still going to flow? What if he’s boring? What if he’s really creepy and was good at hiding it the entire time?!

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I remember walking into the Boston Pizza, and there he was – baseball cap, plaid shirt, leaning against a chair watching the World Series, and he turned around and smiled at me. Everything I was worried about went away, we talked for hours until he had to leave for his hockey game – but I knew then, I wanted to see more of him! We continued to talk and I realized how amazing this guy really is – loves travelling, sports, super creative, had the same immature sense of humour as me, sensitive, passionate, and so caring towards his family and friends – but once again, the doubt crept into my mind. I told my friend after our third date how much I really like this guy but that there’s no way he’s looking for a girlfriend and I really really really wanted to ask him all those serious questions: why were you on Tinder? Are you just looking for a hook-up? Are you looking for a long term relationship at all? Because honestly, I really like him and was tired with Tinder dating (and really didn’t want to uninstall and reinstall the app for the fourth time).

My friend gave me THE BEST advice: just roll with it. Easy and simple! The night of our fourth date, I took my friend’s advice and didn’t think of where my “relationship” with Allan was going, but rather, enjoyed my time with him. To my surprise, it was Allan that brought up the “us” conversation – he wanted to be straight forward with me, about how much he likes me and that he wants to see where this goes. It was after that night I knew Allan was a keeper. We’ve been together for 4 years now, and he’s my calm in my life when things around me are hectic. He’s the constant reminder to focus on the “now” and to be grateful for what I have, and to never lose sight of that.

how they asked

My favourite holiday’s movie of all time, and one I have to watch every time December rolls around is: Love Actually.

Every year my best friend Ann, her fiance Nikko, Allan and I would take turns hosting Christmas dinner. This year it was Ann and Nikko’s turn. A couple of weeks before, Nikko had asked in our group chat what Christmas movie we wanted to watch after the dinner. He gave us 3 choices: The Naruto Christmas special, Die Hard, and Love Actually. Clearly I was going to choose Love Actually! And no one objected. December 23, 2017 comes around and after dinner we turned on the movie – now the joke is that every time I watch a movie, especially if the lights are turned off, I fall asleep – so they all made that joke and made sure all the lights in their living room were on. But as on cue, 30 minutes into the movie… I fall asleep. Allan immediately wakes me up, and he’s a little upset with me, saying how much he’s been looking forward to watching the movie – with me especially. I remember thinking how come he was acting like that since we’ve watched the movie so many times before but, I didn’t want to upset him further, so I made an effort to stay awake.

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Whoever has seen the movie, knows that Mark (Andrew Lincoln aka Rick from the Walking Dead) is in love with his best friend’s wife Juliette (Keira Knightley) and so at the beginning of the movie I was saying how horrible a friend Mark is, but Allan kept on defending him – “oh he’s a nice guy!” “he’s just misunderstood!” (all this now, makes perfect sense to why Allan was acting that way). The famous scene was about to come on (and one of my favourites in the movie), the scene where Mark comes to Juliette’s house and professes his love for her on cue cards! The door bell rings, Juliette walks to the door, opens the door and…………………. it’s Allan. He’s holding the cue cards: “Hi!” “I’m in Love Actually, crazy eh?”. Our song “Hoppipolla” by Sigur Ros is playing in the background. I was so very confused… how is Allan in Love Actually???? It didn’t dawn on me until 13 seconds into the scene, what was really happening. Allan’s proposing…..! One of the final cue cards read “I can’t picture my life without you, or your incredible family”…. and all of a sudden, my parents and brother showed up alongside Allan on screen! It was that moment I burst into tears and could not stop crying. The entire time we were watching the scene, Allan was holding me closer and closer into his arms, until his final cue card read “Will You Marry Me?” and he got up from the couch and went down on one knee. I tried to say “Yes” but I was utterly speechless, and was only able to nod “Yes” to let him know my answer.

(During the entire movie our dog, Dexter, was sleeping in the next room and all of a sudden after Allan proposed, he came out and seemed very happy – as if he knew what happened!)

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