Maria and Alex

How We Met

Alex and I met at Western Kentucky University. He was a sophomore taking anatomy and I had returned to WKU as a post grad to take the same anatomy class. I had just finished a shift at the hospital and showed up to class in dirty scrubs. I walked directly to the back of the classroom and noticed Alex sitting a few rows in front of me next to a Sigma Chi, Nick, I was friends with. I went directly home after class to tell my roommates about the new young “eye candy” in my class. Little did I know, Alex was getting the scoop about me from Nick! The next day Alex walked up to me post run at our University’s gym and asked me to carpool with him and Nick to class. The rest is history! We became study partners and formed a very playful and sarcastic friendship that flourished into a love. We’ve been eachother’s best partners ever since!

how they asked

Alex proposed at the place where it all began! We planned a trip to Western Kentucky University for homecoming. Little did I know Alex had something else planned! We had morning brunch with our parents prior to tailgating with our friends because we were only in town for two days and wanted to make sure we were able to spend some time with our parents. Alex’s mom mentioned that we needed to take our Christmas card photo while Alex and I were in town. We opted for the statue of Big Red, our mascot, in front of the Alumni building. My dad took the photo and handed the phone to me to “approve” of the photo. When I checked out the picture I saw my best friend, Leslie, posing at the end of the picture. I thought for sure they had tricked me, but I looked up and there was Leslie! Alex had flown my bestie in from Nebraska. I was so surprised and excited to see her. We embraced and laughed and then next thing I knew, leslie was spinning me around to find Alex down on one knee! Cue the sloppy tears! I blubbered our a yes and we spent the rest of the day celebrating with our families and cheering on our Tops!

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Maria and Alex's Engagement in Western Kentucky University’s homecoming