Maria and Adam

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How we met

Adam and I officially met on July 2, 2013, that was my first day at work. Both being accountants, we basically spoke the same language and had the same interests. We got really close after spending several late nights at work. Come Halloween, our company has a yearly dress up contest where each department picks a theme and completes for a prize. Our department chose to do Harry Potter, of course – he was given the task of being Harry Potter and I was, of course – Cho Chang. It was a match made in heaven. Our awesome costumes (and chemistry) won us first place!

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Several months passes, and we decided to hang out outside of work and our attraction for each other grew. Our first date was at Mississauga City hall where we spent the night walking around and talking about our childhood and families. We both found out that our parents actually live 2 minutes down the road from each other and we could have went to the same high school, but our paths lead us elsewhere. Now grown up, both are Chartered Accountants, we were fortunate enough to cross paths at work.

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how they asked

Adam booked a trip to Ottawa on the Halloween weekend and immediately I suspected that something was happening (he never plans anything by himself). We arrived at the Fairmont hotel late at night and he decides to take me around the Parliament. It was freezing cold that night, but I knew something was up, so I played along. We walked around the building and stopped at the centennial flame. He pulled out something from his pocket.

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It was a diamond ring wrapped in saran wrap. He was carrying it in his wallet, afraid it would get lost. He said, “Our first date was at Mississauga City hall and now two years ago, he’s going to upgrade me to the Parliament.” I responded with, “I’ll take that upgrade and the ring!”

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