Maria and Aaron

Maria and Aaron's Engagement in Monarch Rooftop in New York City

How We Met

Aaron and I met at work four years ago. Although we were on different teams and sat at opposite ends of the office, Aaron’s daily routine consisted of making several trips to my desk to ask work-related questions. Looking back, I guess this was his way of flirting.

We became quick friends once we realized how much we had in common. Soon enough we began spending time together outside of work with our mutual friends, our relationship grew from there.

Six months after making it official, we moved in together and a year later we took the next step in our relationship and got a dog.

How They Asked

We hung out without our mutual friends for the first time after a work event on the Monarch rooftop in New York City. It was there, we decided to take a photo together backlit by the Empire State Building. Each year since taking the photo, we made it a tradition to go back to the Monarch rooftop on the same day to recreate it. It made perfect sense for Aaron to propose on the same rooftop.

Aaron spent 8 months planning every detail of the proposal and securing the Monarch rooftop. He asked my dad for his blessing on his birthday and then got to work scheming with my mom on how they were going to get me to the rooftop with suspecting a thing. Aaron purchased my engagement ring from Alexander Sparks and actually designed the ring from scratch to match one that I liked.

What I thought was a ladies night out on the town for my aunt’s 50th birthday turned into one of the most amazing nights of my life. Aaron proposed to me on the Monarch rooftop backlit by the Empire State building surrounded by our furbaby, family, and friends. I was shocked and so happy to say YES! It couldn’t have been more perfect!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Jason Morena
 | Videographer
Amanda Lee
 | Photographer
Monarch Rooftop
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