Mari-Louise and Wessel

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How We Met

We met in January 2013 at our University’s annual Jool/Rag through a mutual friend. We lost contact and met up again later that year playing hockey.

how they asked

Wess: During our first night Paris we went up the Eiffel Tower after dark, around 11:30, it was a warm night but the air was cold. We made our way up to the very top of the tower. There we talked and saw fireworks in the distance. I held her hand, nervously took out the ring and went down on one knee. I remember that after I asked her she came down to me crying and kissing and saying YES! On our way down, the tower lit up, and a large crowd started cheering and celebrating, and yet I was still the happiest man there.

Mari-Louise: Our first day in Paris was absolutely amazing. We had a fantastic dinner and wine at a street cafe in Montmarte after visiting the Sacre Coeur , where we decided to take our chances and see if we can go up to the summit of the Eiffel Tower at night. We accidentally got the wrong uber and ended up driving in a sports car to the Eiffel. We waited 2 hours to ascend the Eiffel. The sun was setting and we eventually made it to the top. It was absolutely breathtaking. There was a firework show on in the distance and the people were celebrating the Eiffel Tower lighting up for the first time that evening. When we arrived Wessel started telling me that he intends to love me forever and he wanted to know if I felt the same. He then took out my ring from a little piece of tissue paper and dropped to one knee. If I am completely honest I can’t recall much of what he said, I just knew I had to say YES. We kissed and strangers were cheering; thereafter, we made our descent of the Eiffel where it lit up one last time on the 1st of July and we came home excited, in love and very happy.

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