Mari and Justin


How We Met

Four years ago a silly, freckled-face kid from Tennessee moved to Georgia and became apart of my friend group. He was quite, and I never payed much attention to him. Justin was a no body to me. And I wasn’t wanting to change that.

This “no body” boy became someone I saw quite often and I grew to enjoy the sound of his loud-joyful-laugh that echoed everywhere he went. I saw him become someone I did not expect. I saw a leader, a man who stood on his own feet and most obviously, I saw an amazing man who desperately wanted to pursuit an abundant life filled with a radiating joy. I knew I wanted to be apart of this guy’s life.

It took my awhile though before I had this epiphany. He had to ask me out a total of 3 times before I finally agreed! We laugh about it now, but bless his heart, it took a lot of guts to keep pursuing me! I’m so glad he never gave up.

After our elaborate first date, I knew he was my future husband. Almost two years later, here we are! I’m forever grateful that he randomly moved to my home town.

how they asked

I thought we were going to his Grandmothers birthday party. After all that is how he got me to travel almost 300 miles away from home with him! We began the day with a fake birthday present in tow and headed towards downtown Nashville. I was completely clueless. “Today is going to be an amazing day.” he said in his typical positive attitude. But my thoughts began to wander as he went on. “I want to reflect on our first date, do you remember what all we did?” Our first date was quite romantic. He took me to four different locations that each represented a word that would support the foundation of our relationship. At each location I was given a letter and picture of the two of us. As he began to re-create this momentous day I knew something was going on. And it wasn’t his Grandma’s birthday.

When we drove up to Nashville’s Pedestrian Bridge my heart began to flutter. Just like our first date, there were only four locations and this was the fourth of the day. I knew it was it. He flashed an undeniable smile at me as we parked. Grabbing my hand we began to walk up the center of the bridge.

I saw something in the distance. As we got closer I made out the image of little white candles making the shape of a heart. He led to until we stood in the center.

He looked at me and then started reading a letter to me he wrote, stating all the many reasons why he wanted to become my husband and forever do life together. My eyes watered as I saw him kneel to one knee and ask me that infamous question. “YES!” I muttered. Yes, yes, yes.

Our Proposel

After his hired photographer shot some pictures of us, we had a quick visit with his in-town family and then headed back home to Atlanta to a surprise Engagement party he planned. He truly thought of everything! I will forever remember the day as the best day of my entire life!

Special Thanks

Chris Long
Shane Co.