Marguerite and Taani

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How We Met: Taani and I met in high school (2009) We became best friends and really enjoyed being around one another. He played on our high school football team and Friday night quickly became my favorite part of the week. Being able to watch him play and then spend time with our friends afterwards. I began to develop feelings for him…who wouldn’t?! That smile….his sense of humor….not to mention the muscles! It was my senior year and the homecoming dance was coming up. The Friday before the dance we had a pep assembly. The whole school was asked to exit the gym and meet in the courtyard. Out in the courtyard, Taani was waiting. He performed a traditional Hawaiian Fire Knife dance and asked me to be his date to homecoming…in front of the whole school! Needless to say our love story has been epic. There have been incredible adventures and great times of growth. We grew up together, learned from one another and supported each other in all that life threw at us. After high school Taani headed to the University of Washington to earn a degree and play football for the Huskies. I started to pursue my dream to become a teacher and went off to Western Washington University. We will both be graduating this year with our degrees and dreams in hand (2015). Our love story isn’t perfect but it is perfectly beautiful.

how they asked: I want to start this story by reminding you all that we have been together for five and a half years. Along the way we picked up some incredible friends who influenced and supported our relationship. The fact that they were a part of this special moment in our lives made it a memory I will cherish my entire life. The evening started with my two friends blindfolding me and kidnapping me for a “girl’s night out”. To say I didn’t go willingly is an understatement. I made them work for it! They put up with so much grief and attitude from me, I thank them so much for their patience! Our first stop was Joey’s, a restaurant in Seattle, sitting at the table were my friends from all the stages of my life. Childhood to high school, college and some more recent. I was confused and a bit out of my element since I had been blindfolded! I just assumed the girls were kidnapping me to get me out of the house and enjoying myself since I am always working or doing school work. The group of girls were all people I had been saying I missed and wished I saw more often. So….it was all seeming to follow what my two friends had originally said. Then after some time at Joey’s they told me we were headed to our next stop! They blindfolded me again (not without a fair amount of protest!) and we were off. I had no idea but we drove down the road to the Husky Football Stadium. The girls led me in and sat me down in a chair. I heard a guitar and thought maybe we were at an open mic night or karaoke and they were forcing me to sing on stage! Then I asked to take my blindfold off and I felt something placed in my lap, it was a bouquet of roses. Then I heard his voice, “Go ahead, take the blindfold off.” I immediately started crying. I couldn’t believe what was about to happen. I took the blindfold off and started to cry even more. Standing there was the most handsome man I had ever seen, my Taani. He stood there in front of all of our friends and he began to recite his poem.

“Marguerite Balch…I have loved you from the start.

Since day one, you’ve always had my heart.

We’ve been together now for five years.

And this is why everyone is here.

You’re my best friend and my lover.

You’re so beautiful and unique. Like no other.

You’re a strong women. Who is always by my side.

I came here today to ask you to be my bride.

We’re on the football field. You ask, why this?

Think five years back. Cause this is where we shared our first kiss.

I could on and on about you and me.

But I’ll just get it over with and get down on one knee.

Will you marry me?”

Before he even started talking, the moment I fell in love with him five years ago, the answer was always YES. There are not enough words or words powerful enough to properly describe how I feel. I am marrying the man that was picked for me. He will love me, protect me, laugh with me, provide for me, support me, bring out the best in me and always remind me what is truly important. I cannot wait to marry this man. And I thank God every day for blessing me with such an incredible person to share my life with.

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