Margrét and Oddur's Central Park Proposal

Central Park New York Proposal (47)How We Met: I met Margrét in July of 2007  whilst working at a summer job, with Rio Tinto Alcan an Aluminium smelter located just outside the capital region. Margrét was also working as a summer substitute. Its a large company, at least on an Icelandic scale. They have something like 500 employees and working on 12 hour shifts the odds of us meeting were little because she wasn’t working the same shift as I was. Nor was she working in the same area as me.

Fortunately one day in late July I was moved to another area, this is just a week before I was quitting my summer duty at the company. I was just doing some regular electro analysis in the aluminum smelter pots when I saw this gorgeous woman, at first I thought what in the world is a beautiful woman like this doing in such a dirty heavy industry job? I felt sad at first because she was so hot, her hair was just perfectly straight and shiny, her eyes were like glowing blue stars and her smile just made my job the best place in the world. But I needed to know more about her it just couldn´t end here. So the following days I started greeting her and trying to make eye contact every time I saw her. She responded with a warm, flirty “Hey there”. Seeing her response completely wiped my lesbian theory off the table. Then during my last day at the company I just had to do something. This was it, if I don’t do anything now we will never get to know each other. Coming up the next weekend was the biggest travel/party weekend in Iceland. It’s the first weekend of August. For Americans it’s something like Spring break.

That day I was working on collecting electrical conductors onto a carriage. The whole machine is just so ridiculously dorky. But this was my only chance as my shift was ending in an hour. So I rolled my dorky vehicle beside her and just spit it out “Hey! What are you doing next weekend?” She smiled a lot and told me she was going to be at the Westman Islands national festival. It´s the biggest festival in all Iceland, held at the Westman Islands located a few miles off the SW cost of Iceland. And for the record all tourists should go there it´s just amazing, especially the Sunday night, the whole sky just illuminates and the mountain ridge is also illuminated with glowing red fire, live music and constant party, the festival is a 4-5 day event. Anyways she asked me if I was going too, I had been there numerous times and the following Tuesday after the festival I was going with my friends on a Mid Europe trip for three weeks. So I really did not have enough money to do both, as well as having to drive for nine hours the day after the festival to get to the ferry that sails to Denmark. So I told her that I couldn´t. She told me that I should come. I told her about my three week trip and that was it, we said goodbye and it was over…… Not so fast, I could not believe it. Is it going to end here? It didn’t feel right. I had to do something so I called my friend Gummi and told him about Margrét and I basically told him “we´re going to the Westman Island Festival”. Fortunately he was in for it, so we went there on a one way ticket at the Saturday evening. The tickets back were sold out.

Houston we have arrived! Now our mission was to find Margrét in a crowd of about 15.000 persons. I totally forgot to ask her for her phone number. But I knew a friend of hers that was also at the festival. I tried calling her the whole night but no answer. The next day I sent numerous Sms´s, tried calling and asking around for her, still nothing. It wasn´t until the Sunday evening which is the most coolest and romantic night during the whole festival that I was just sitting in the hill side watching over the whole festival area that she just suddenly stood there. Somehow she just appeared. I was so happy and at the same time a bit shocked. I was like a little kid on Christmas Eve, I just could not believe my own eyes. There she was, so beautiful and time just stood still. I told her that I changed my mind and I wanted to come, I was trying to look cool and not tell her that I had only come there for her. But my feelings were so strong that I just couldn’t hide it. I totally bailed on my friend Gummi.

Me and Margrét spent a romantic night sitting in the hillside, watching over the festival, the bonfire, the fireworks and all the lights illuminating on the mountain ridge at midnight. We both felt so good that we had met there, we had both been so curious about each other since we saw each other at the aluminum smelter. This was meant to be. And my other theory about her being a trucker lady totally fell by itself.

I managed to hitch a ride to the mainland with a single engine Chesna, went straight on my three week trip to Mid Europe, and came back with a phone bill of about 1200 dollars, we spoke every day and every night. But it was totally worth it.

Now we have been together for seven years and we have two wonderful kids, Benedikt 4 years old and Laufey Anna 3 years old.

how they asked:  Margret thought the trip was supposed to be a graduation trip for her as she recently finished her Master’s degree in Social Science. So a surprise getaway is closer to it.

It was really hard to keep the secret about the ring. I mean I had it shipped all the way from the UK, and I told her I had to pick up a shipment at some Fedex drop off. She asked me what it was and I told her it was an auto part for my car. I even carried the box with me for the rest of that day. I was so happy she didn’t want to see what was in the box. She even asked me if we could go get the shipment on our last day, that would have been to late. So I told her that they only hold shipments for 48 hours at that dropoff. It worked.

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Margret was not suspicious at all, she thought I was never going to propose. Absolutely no clue at all. That was the best part. But if I had not told her about the photoshoot before we got there she would have been suspicious. I told her that Julieanne was part of a big international photographing company that specializes in taking photographs of tourists as they often have problems in finding the best spots and of course so we could both be in the pictures. She totally fell for it.

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