Margot and Jordan

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How We Met

Early this last spring, I went out with a group of my girlfriends. One had just gone through a tough breakup and was in need of a girls night out so we headed to Capitol Hill, a neighborhood in Seattle filled with bars and clubs with the sole intention of dancing – without boys.

One of my friends and I walked up to the bar inside one of our favorite dance clubs and waited for a bartender’s attention. I felt someone bump into me, so I turned around to see what the commotion was. Standing behind me was the tallest boy I’d ever seen, and he just happened to be extremely cute as well!

As unromantic as it is, someone had just thrown up behind him, causing him to dodge the mess and bump into me. We laughed and introduced ourselves, but as soon as we shook hands a girl who I assumed to be his girlfriend walked up beside him and gave me a look that I won’t soon forget. I was instantly put off and shuffled away with my drink and friend before he could notice.

As the night went on, I danced with my friends and didn’t give it a second thought – until I saw his assumed-girlfriend dancing in the corner with someone else. I looked over to the bar and saw Jordan immediately (since he towers over everyone around him), laughing with a group of his guy friends.

The lights turned on in the bar at 1:30, and I turned just in time to see Jordan walking by on his way outside. I stuck my leg out to get his attention, and pulled him aside to ask if the girl from earlier was in fact his girlfriend. He laughed and told me no, but would love to see me again – and could he potentially have my number to take me on a date?

I smiled and said yes, and it turns out that he had spent the entire night after I walked away trying to catch my eye. A week later we went on the most perfect first date, and we have only fallen more and more in love every day since.

how they asked

Jordan and I took a weekend trip to Victoria B.C. as a romantic getaway. A couple hours after we arrived and had settled into our hotel, he told me that there was a park in the area that he wanted to walk to and explore – but we had to go now because he wanted to catch a specific spot before we lost the sunlight. We took the 5 minute walk to the park, and immediately arrived in front of a tree covered in carvings. He told me the story of the tree, how it was a tradition to carve your initials into the tree when you visit the park, and it will bring you luck as a couple. He pulled out his pocket knife to carve our initials, and stood back as I took some photos.

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We sat in the same spot for almost an hour as the sun set, enjoying the view of the lake, stone bridge, and families of ducks that were swimming by. We were quickly losing light and I wanted to explore as much of the park as we could before it was completely gone, so I stood up to walk towards the bridge. Jordan stopped me and asked me to turn back around towards him, and as I did I asked him why…

“So I can do this.”

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He told me that from the first night he met me, he knew we would be something special. How the time we had spent together had been the most happy and wonderful time he’d had in his life… And wanted to spend the rest of his life trying to make me just as happy as I had made him – as his wife.

I bawled my eyes out with every word he said, and couldn’t wait for him to stand up before I kissed him and said yes. He slipped the ring on my finger, but before I had the chance to look at it, our secret photographer came out from behind the trees and introduced herself. She took a few posed photos for us to look back on as well… I don’t think I’ve ever felt so surprised or absolutely in love!

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Special Thanks

Jesse Holland
 | Photographer