Margot and Isaac

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how we met

Our mothers were friends when we were babies and they used to take us and our siblings out together, but as we got older we went to different schools and went our separate ways and never saw each other, little did we know we had pictures together as babies in a bath tub! This past October we were both in Rome for mutual friends’ wedding and literally the last day we were there we ran into each other at the wedding and started to talk for about an hour. After that we both went back home to New York and then at an event home we ran into each other again and spoke again for hours and from there I asked her out and we started to date. It was amazing finding out as we were dating that we had a history together we had no idea about. Fast forward 10 months and we’re engaged! It’s amazing how it all came together and how it’s such a small world when you look at it in hindsight.

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how they asked

When I was throwing around ideas for a proposal, my main objective was to surprise her. My father came up with possibly doing it in the Westfield Mall by WTC or somewhere along those lines. I said it’s impossible and it wouldn’t make sense and just don’t bother them. He made a few phone calls and Westfield were interested and extremely accommodating and helpful. In the passageway from the mall to Brookfield place there are about 20 huge LED screens that go across the way and we decided to put “Will you marry me, Margot” on the screens. I loved it and had a plan to walk through the tunnel as if we were going for dinner at a restaurant near Brookfield so it would be a very casual stroll and she’d be shocked.

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Then, the team at Westfield asked for some pictures and some baby pictures and they put together an amazing slideshow, creating a great story. Included was a picture of Margot and I as babies in a bathtub together and you couldn’t help but love it.

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We all agreed this was perfect and it was! Once we took the stroll through Westfield and hit the screens, she was shocked and we had our families looking over the balcony. It was a moment we will never forget.

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