Margo and Mike

How We Met

Mike and Margo were introduced by their Best Man, James at a Yankee Game. It was the end of the 6th Inning, Margo wanted Dippin’ Dots and Mike was a hero and got some for her- and they did not see each other again for months. The next time they saw each other was at the U.S. Open when Mike once again rescued Margo by giving her Aleve and Powerade on a hot summer day- forever winning the heart of her mother. They did not go out on their first date until mid-September and they never looked back.

how they asked

Fast forward four and a half years, many Dippin’ Dots, Yankee games , Billy Joel concerts , and ke-ke-ke’s later, Mike proposed in what some (Margo) would say was an epic, “color war break”- style, proposal on Lake Winnipesaukee special place for Camp Director Mike and Margo It was a day long affair that began with spa treatments, including manicures and pedicures and a grandmother imparting her life and marriage advice and concluded with Mike down on his knee on a 4 degree windy afternoon asking Margo to be his partner for life. He wrote a note at each location and the note he wrote at the proposal site actually ended up at the bottom of the lake! The hotel wanted to call the fire Marshall, but we kind of like the fact that our proposal is forever tied with Winnipesaukee.

Margo's Proposal in Meredith, New Hampshire

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