Margo and John

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How We Met

This is a good one. John and I met online (OkCupid). We met up for the first time after work in April 2016. The initial date went well but something was holding me back. Even after John texted me asking if I wanted to grab a drink and meet a second time, I wasn’t feeling up to it. At first, John wasn’t the one for me.

Four months go by and I’m still single but feeling a little better about dating. I go to a brunch with some girlfriends and meet some new girlfriends there, one of which is named Emily. We all took a photo to commemorate the fun morning with one of the restaurant’s managers. One month later, I see Emily again at a birthday brunch. It’s now August 2016. I meet her boyfriend, Brian, and she confronts me across the table and asks how I know John. I start looking around wondering, “Is he here? Wait, how does she know John?” Turns out, John and Emily have been working together for the past 2-3 years and John had seen the brunch photo on Emily’s phone and asked how she knew me. I was a little shocked that someone I had just met knew John from OkCupid, back in April. I had to work the morning of the birthday brunch so I wasn’t drinking and had to leave a little early. Walking away from the table back to my car, I had this crazy thought… “I’m going to text John right now. It’s crazy. It’s not something I’d do, but I’m going to do it. It’s a 50/50 he even responds, right?” He responded.

Five days post birthday brunch, John came over to my place for a movie and dinner. I still can’t put into words what happened that night. Everything just… clicked. The person I had met four months ago was a completely different person in my eyes. Something happened in those four months for me, it was a crucial time for me to be alone and to reflect on the things I wanted in life. And all of a sudden, seeing John and hanging out confirmed what I wanted. We didn’t kiss, just hugged, but even then, I knew from that moment on, I was going to marry him.

A week and a half later, John and I became official. A month into the relationship, I flew out to Philadelphia (from SoCal) with him to meet his family – parents and two sisters. Things progressed quick but never to the point of wondering if it was all happening too fast. Nine months into the relationship, John proposed. We were married this past March 2018 in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA and are expecting baby #1 in February 2019. Maybe our love story isn’t as tearjerking or as fun to tell as others, but I do think our story is unique. We wouldn’t change it for the world. All I know is I’ve found my soulmate.

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how they asked

We woke up on a Saturday morning and John told me he had some quick errands to run. He ended up being gone for a good chunk of the morning when I started to get worried something might have happened. Right as I was going to text him, he pulled up. He opened the box right there and it was perfect – in our first apartment together and just the two of us. He later told me on his 30 minute drive back to the apartment with the ring he was contemplating all the ways he would propose, but as he drove with the box opened on his dashboard, he felt like he couldn’t wait. It happened quick and quietly and I don’t think either of us would have had it any other way.

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Special Thanks

Tina Chiou
 | Photographer
Eileen Lacey
 | Planning