Margenie and Permadi

SUN_7256How We Met: We both met in friend’s birthday party in Jakarta. Its amazing how faith has brought us together. We were from two different cities in Indonesia, but we managed to meet in the capital city of Indonesia and became lover real soon right after.

Everything really happened in a flash. It was all so fast. People said when you are the happiest that is when time passed the fastest. It felt like it was just yesterday, the first day we just met. Two strangers not knowing anything about each other, and turned out, we are each others missing pieces. We have never felt so complete.

how they asked: On March 20th 2015,a day after I turned 23, early morning we woke up, and he asked me to dress well as we were going to somewhere beautiful to celebrate another day of my birthday. I was so surprised that the car ride took us to the harbour and the two of us were the last to board to the yacht he has chartered. Then our ship started sailing, to the middle of the ocean, in a Dragoon130 Yacht that fit 300 people, and there we were just 20 people. Plus 10 for the event organizer team, photographers and videographers. It was our own yacht with our own DJ to play us awesome songs throughout the ride in the ocean.


Then after much dancing, great lunch buffet, I was asked to take pictures with my girlfriends, which of course I did willingly without suspecting anything. Little did I know, the EO and my friends were preparing at the back deck so I couldnt see what they were doing.

Once the photo taking sessions were done, they pulled me to the other end of the yacht, to find a “Will you marry me, my genie” big banner in the middle of the sea.

I couldn’t hold my tears and its hard to believe that the day is finally here. Once I turned around, there he was, the love of my life, looking most gorgeous than ever. He started giving me a speech of how our love started and thanking everyone to be there with us. touching, very.
Then there was, the moment. He went down on one knee, saying “Genie my love, will you make me the happiest man and marry me?”.

My voice stuck, my throat hurts, and I wouldnt stop crying. It was definitely the happiest moment in my life. It was so beautiful that I couldnt belive it was happening.

Then after few seconds, I managed to speak and tell him what I really wanna tell him from deep of my heart, “yes, and always yes forever”  _MG_7879

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event organizer: Violet Lévento  | videographer: Mazzel Production |  photographer:  Chesoentan