Margarita and Bobby

Proposal Ideas Central Park, NYC

How We Met

Bobby and I met almost 5 years ago thanks to the Internet. In the summer of 2012, we exchanged numbers and the rest is history. Our only lifelines became phone calls and constant FaceTime dates; however, our first ‘date’ wouldn’t be until about two months after we began talking. You see, we were almost on opposite sides of the country–944 miles away. Bobby was in St. Louis, MO and I was in Morristown, NJ, not exactly neighbors, but in August of 2012 he finally made the trip out to see me. I’ll never forget driving to Newark airport, running into his arms, and thinking this was too good to be true. Although it was unconventional, it was perfect. Now, after many trips back and forth, we are ready to start this new chapter in life.

Margarita's Proposal in Central Park, NYC

how they asked

Fast forward almost 5 years into our relationship; Bobby was once again in NJ, this time with his daughter. We always talked about getting engaged and he would joke with me about potentially making it official for the next Halley’s Comet, ha! Although Bobby had always said he would wanted his daughter present, I never in my wildest dreams thought it would happen on her first trip to NYC. After some sightseeing, we stumbled into Central Park. I had spotted a bridge, and despite the nasty weather, I thought it would make for some nice pictures. His daughter, knowing that this would be it, immediately wanted a picture with me and then requested that Bobby also get in it. My cousin (who was also in on it) starting shooting away. When I went to get up to take a look at the pictures, I felt Bobby pull me back. I can honestly say I don’t remember what he said after that, all I could remember was him saying, “I want to ask you a question…will you be my wife?” and I about died. This is the moment I had thought about constantly and it was now a reality. His arms felt like home and brought me back to our first meeting at Newark airport almost 5 years ago. He is mine to keep forever and I wouldn’t have it any other way.