Margaret-Ann and Keith

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How We Met

March 6, 2013: 117th and Broadway, New York, NY.

I was a TV News Reporter in my hometown of New York, New York, and was called into work on the morning of March 6, 2013. Annoyed that I had to go to work on my day off, I was placed on a story at Columbia University and was conducting man-on-the-street interviews for airtime on the corner of 117th and Broadway.

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“Awesome, a news crew! Do you guys need an interviewee?” I heard from behind me, as I turn around and see an overly joyous guy wanting to be on TV. Although I immediately noticed how cute he was, I was in no mood and said, “Uhh yeah… ok.” Excited to make his big TV debut, he asked me after the interview if I could Tweet him if we aired his interview and said, “My username is: Krazy with a ‘K,’ Kaplan with a ‘K,’ and 14 because I was born the day before Tax Day!” I look at my cameraman and roll my eyes, look back to KrazyKaplan14, and say, “Uhh sure. Why not?” He gleefully walks away as we begin to prep his interview in the news van for air.

As I got back into the van, an overwhelming feeling of fate washed over me, as I said to myself, “That’s not the last time I’m going to see this man…” a feeling I had never had about an interviewee before. The next thing I know, KrazyKaplan14 Tweets me and thanks me for interviewing him! I immediately Tweet back (feeling bad I was sort of rude during our first encounter, haha) and tweet, “Thanks again! Maybe I’ll see you in the field again someday!”

And as fate would have it, I did see KrazyKaplan14 again that next week… in a city of over 9 million residents, there he was…

We decided to go out for a slice (typical New Yorkers!) and our impromptu first date lasted 7 hours! It wasn’t until the end of the evening when he said, “You know, I was called into work early on March 6. Normally, I wouldn’t be on campus around that time.” It was at that exact moment, after telling him I too was called into work, that we knew the stars were in our favor. If you get caught between the Moon and New York City, the best thing you can do is fall in love…

For our one-year anniversary, I gifted Keith with the on-air report that brought us together; the exact moment we met. How magical for us to have the precise memory on film for us to rewatch!

Now, 8 years later, Keith proposed the same way we met, on film…

How They Asked

Keith always knew he wanted to recreate our first encounter for our proposal; to have our engagement be filmed as a token to our relationship’s roots. Hawai’i has always been our place, our home away from home, so having the proposal happen in Hawai’i was important to him – as he knew it would symbolize so much for us!

Tirelessly planning a filmed engagement when your background is not in television proved to be tough for Keith. However, thanks to our friends at Hi Focused Cinema, Keith was able to professionally plan his big surprise! And that he did; countless hours of planning and creative directing went into our proposal film. He wanted it to be just as special as our first encounter was!

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And then the moment came, as he emotionally uttered, “It was fate that brought us together on 117th and Broadway, you are my best friend, I love you always, and you make my world complete!”

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Then, he got down on one knee and said, “Will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?” To be honest, I blacked out! I absolutely said yes, but I was washed over with infinite emotions!

To know the corner of 117th and Broadway brought us together and created a life-long love that was meant to be… we’re forever grateful for our humble beginnings. Forever indebted to our corner. The corner of 117th and Broadway.

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