Margaret and Jay

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how we met

Jay and I met on 3/1/13 at the one and ONLY bar in Houlton, ME. A place neither of us thought we would ever find someone at. I was out with friends from high school and it was my last weekend in town. I was planning to move to Florida to help my grandparents and get fresh start. I remember spotting Jay from across the bar, we both made eye contact. He says I “flipped” my hair and gave him a look. I don’t remember that happening (I would never do that!)

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how they asked

The coastal Maine Botanical Gardens has always been a favorite spot for us to visit. It’s close the ocean and is perfect combination of us both. It’s elegant, has beautiful gardens full of flowers, but also has gorgeous, lush green trees with a “woodsy” feeling.

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Since the first time we visited there 3 years ago we said it would be the perfect place for us to get married someday. We always said when we got engaged we wanted it to be intimate and just the two of us. That’s when I said I wanted a photographer because I wanted to be able to prove to my family that it actually happened!

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The ring is a 1ct. Hearts on fire, round solitaire diamond with small diamonds lining the band. Jay always wanted to buy a HOF diamond because that’s what his mother and sisters all have. It was purchased from Springer’s Jewelry in Portsmouth, NH.

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