Margaret and Isaac

Image 1 of Margaret and Isaac

How We Met

Isaac and I have known each other our entire lives. I can remember chasing chickens, swimming and playing tag with him when we were little. We even have baby pictures together. When we were three, we took a family photo at church and he somehow Isaac got in our family photo. I can remember our parents teasing us endlessly saying stuff like “So when are you and Isaac getting together”. When I was 15, my family bought a run down house a mile from Isaac’s house.

He helped us remodel our home and that resulted in us spending A LOT of time together. Somewhere in all those late nights of painting, ripping up carpet and cleaning, we fell in love. We started dating at the tender age of 16. We have grown up together and we look forward to continuing our growing with one another in our marriage. We have both learned so much from each other, and grown to be more faithful, stronger and kinder people, together. We got engaged at the young age of 18 and will be married at the age of 19.

how they asked

Isaac and I have a little red moped. I figured out that he was going to take me to lake Michigan and propose on the beach. Somehow, he knew that I knew and had to make some last minute plans. So the night before our big beach trip, we went for our usual moped ride. We pulled onto a path next to a big empty field. He said “hey look at all those deer!” I turned around to look at the deer, and while I was looking at them he got off the moped. I turned around and he was on one knee with a ring box. He asked me to marry him and I said “THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE!” I just kept saying “oh my gosh, no way! This isn’t real!” He finally said “Do you have anything else to say?” Of course I said yes! Then I jumped on him and we both started happy crying.

Image 2 of Margaret and Isaac

He never opened the ring box! After a couple of minutes I said “Is there anything in there?” He opened the box and put the most amazing ring on my finger! He designed it himself and it is seriously gorgeous. We were dancing around the field laughing and crying happy tears. We rode around on our little moped and told our parents and siblings after about 15 minutes of hugging, laughing and crying.

Image 3 of Margaret and Isaac

We are SO excited for our new years eve wedding! Our engagement was not photographed, but we did have an engagement session taken with the amazing Toni Hill Photography and specially requested to have photos taken on our little red moped! Isaac and I plan to build a home next summer and these pictures were taken at the future location of our home.

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