Margaret and Chris


How We Met

A few weeks before my freshman year of college was over, I decided to stay in Waco and work for the summer. It was around this time that one of my guy friends got a phone call from Chris saying that he had gotten an internship last minute in Texas and was wondering if he knew of any places in Waco he could stay over the summer. Jeff told him he should stay at his house which was next door to where I lived at the time.

When I heard that some fratty Tennessee boy was moving next door for the summer, I vividly remember thinking “Preppy? From Tennessee? We’re bound to be best friends”. I was exactly right. It has been pretty obvious from day one that Chris and I are crazy about each other. We would make up the silliest excuses to spend time together. The best one was me claiming that because I grew up riding horses, I knew how to groom dogs and could totally groom his puppy for him. It was a reach but it worked. After a few weeks, it was becoming very clear that he needed to make a move and initiate an actual date. He finally did and a few weeks later I said yes to being his girlfriend.


how they asked

Since we both love to travel, on one of our first dates he asked me what some of my favorite places in the world are. I named some places but raved on and on about the Rose Garden at the George W. Bush Museum in Dallas. Unbeknownst to me, he kept that in mind for well over a year until it was time to propose.

My best friend Chandler and I have been inseparable since my sophomore year of high school. We were talking one day and she brought up how she’d never been to the George W Bush Museum. Seeing as sweet 43 is one of my all time favorite people, I freaked out. I demanded we go and she suggested Thanksgiving break. I agreed and that was that. I had absolutely no idea that I had walked straight into my own proposal.

Chris had told me that he was going to be in Tennessee with his family until the Monday after thanksgiving. It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving when Chandler and I got lunch and headed over to Dallas to go to the museum. We walked through the new Christmas exhibit, watched the film about W’s life, and took fun pictures together in the Oval Office. It was during all of this that Chris, my sister Mary Beth, and a photographer were setting up in the Rose Garden. I walked out of the Oval Office and faced the doors to the Rose Garden to see Chris in a suit holding a huge bouquet of roses. I was absolutely shocked!


I walked outside and the most handsome, kind, and amazing man I’ve ever met asked me to be his wife. I somehow managed a yes through all my tears!


My sister then popped out to celebrate with us. She had previously told me she was going to a bridal shower for a friend so I was surprised to see her there too! We took some pictures and headed back to my house to celebrate at a surprise engagement party with friends and family.


It was the happiest day and I felt so loved. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!


Special Thanks

Brittany Clark
Sweet Love Photography