Marena and Louis | Las Vegas Marriage Proposal

photo 1 (1)How We Met: Louis and I met in 2007 through mutual friends. Ever since we met each other i knew he was the man I would spend forever with. Louis and I are coming up on our 6 year anniversary on 1/26.

how they asked: We planned a trip to Las Vegas for my sister’s 32nd birthday. My entire family was there including Lou and I’s two best friends.

This trip, however, was never about my sisters birthday, it was a decoy! Lou planned to propose on this trip since July! I had no clue at all as to what was going on.

Saturday night was always the plan and I was told it was my sisters “birthday party” at a restaurant i was not excited about. Long story short my friends called us and hour before dinner said they wanted to catch the 7:15 Bellagio Fountain show. I complained, ” we saw it 1000 times! ”

Little did i know what was happening…

We get to the fountains promptly at 7:10. Just in time for the 7:15 show. The most beautiful song starts playing “Rondin al nido” by Luciano Pavarotti. Lou starts talking to me how much he loves me and Vegas reminds him of us..


And all I remember is him down on one knee, ring in hands and my family jumping out of the bushes with matching shirts , hats and bottles of champagne. I was completely surprised. It was the most perfect proposal ever.


A while back I also told Lou not to propose in a public place or in front of my family and he did both! So remember ladies, be careful because he might do the total opposite of what you say!!!!


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