Marena and Samuel

How We Met

Sam and I met through mutual friends – one of his best friends is engaged to one of my best friends now – and the two of them decided to set us up on a blind date in November of 2013.

Sam and I chatted back and forth via text for a couple of weeks before he mustered up the courage to ask me on a date. He planned a romantic drive through the Niagara Falls Festival of Lights, thinking it would take us all night long to view the spectacular lights while getting to know each other, however the lights were not as amazing as we expected so our planned date lasted only 15 minutes. Without a Plan B, we sat in a parked car on the side of the road brainstorming something else to do. We eventually wound up at the nearby casino and not many words were exchanged during our rounds at the slot machines. Needless to say our first date was a complete disaster, and we were both unsure if we wanted to attempt a second date. A week later, we both agreed to give a second date a shot, and I’m sure glad we did.

how they asked

Sam and I have a tradition of carving pumpkins the week leading up to Halloween. This Saturday was no different. We each picked our own pumpkins and brought them home. With stencils and tools in hand, we began to trace and carve. My pumpkin did not turn out the way I wanted it to so I was immediately put in a grumpy mood. I told Sam I would bring my dog downstairs with me to nap while he finished his pumpkin. After 20 minutes or so, Sam came downstairs to wake me up and told me he wanted to light the candles in the pumpkin to see how they looked. I grumbled but agree so Sam and I, along with our dogs, headed upstairs into his kitchen where his pumpkin was sitting. He handed me the lighter as I lifted the top of the pumpkin, and inside was a closed ring box. When I turned around in disbelief Sam was already down on one knee, ready to say the absolute sweetest words I’ve ever heard.

Image 1 of Marena and Samuel