Maren and Pat

How We Met: It all started at my brother & sister-in-law’s wedding rehearsal. My brother’s good friend, Mike, convinced me that I need to meet & go on a date with one of his best friends, Pat. Mike knew we had multiple common interests including baseball and having similar values. After a little convincing from my little sister, Mike and some rum& Cokes-I gave my phone number to Mike to pass along to Pat. A week later, Pat texted me and we hit it off really well. We finally went on a date after a month of endless texts and phone conversations. The rest is history.

Image 2 of Maren and Pat

Image 1 of Maren and Pat

how they asked: After attending attending a Kansas City Royals baseball game, Pat surprised me and said that we got to play catch on the field at Kauffman stadium. WHAT!!??!! I was extremely excited about this because I love baseball and being a former college softball player, I still love to throw the ball around. We were escorted onto the field under the lights. First of all, there is something extremely special about being on a field with the lights on. Pat threw a ball to me and without hesitation I threw it back to him right away. Pat carefully threw the softball back to me yelling, “Look at the ball!” I looked at the ball and it read, “Will you marry me?” Then, Pat walked up to me with a shiny diamond ring asking if I will be his wife. I yelled, “YES, YES, YES!” Pat was so excited that he couldn’t even speak properly. (Please see video. I included YouTube link above where requested)

I will never forget that life changing game of catch, under the lights at Kauffman Stadium. It STILL gives me chills thinking about it.

Image 3 of Maren and Pat

Image 4 of Maren and Pat