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How We Met

Bryton and I went to the same high school, and even though I was friends with his younger brother Karsen (who is my age) we never met. He was a senior when I was a sophomore so that could have been a factor too. He left to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints in Mexico for two years in December of 2012 after graduating and I was still in high school. During my senior year I took all the photo’s for the Football team, and was approached by his mom asking if she could buy a disk of all of Karsen’s picture’s. Bryton said his mom fell in love with me then, and we still had not met. When he got home from Mexico in December 2014, his mom kept telling him that he had to go out on a date with me. I had a boyfriend at the time though so that didn’t happen. I broke up with my boyfriend and went on a cruise with my friends and while we were on the cruise one of his friends snapped my friend and asked if I was single, but then wouldn’t tell who wanted to know after she said yes.

Maren and Bryton's Engagement in Traverse Mountain Outlets

When I got home another one of my friends text me and asked me if I was single but finally told me it was Bryton. A few days later he sent me Dm on Facebook just to say hi and ask for my number. A few days went by and I hadn’t heard from him yet…So I checked that DM and realized I had accidentally switch around 2 of the numbers in my number.. SO STUPID!! So I sent him a message with the right number and explained how sorry I was! Surprisingly he text me shortly after that! Talk about luck! I asked him what he was doing that night and he said he had plans to go out on a date. I invited him anyway to come over to our mutual friends house that same night to play volleyball and swim. He dumped the date and met me there. We hung out every single day after that.. Literally every day!!

how they asked

So Bryton and I have been dating for a year and a half and we had been talking a lot about getting married. We went and looked at rings at the end of October when we got back from our trip to Vancouver and then most of November we looked as well. On December 10th Bryton called me and told me that we were going to dinner for his cousin’s birthday and that the restaurant we were going to was nice so we needed to dress up, then afterward he wanted to go to the outlets and Christmas shop for our family’s. So I got ready and we headed to the restaurant. We got to dinner and the restaurant really wasn’t that nice. His aunt asked me why I was all dressed up and I told her Bryton had told me too for dinner. Luckily for Bryton I am very gullible and didn’t even think a thing about it. During dinner he kept getting a little frustrated because things were not going as planned. For example I sat by his mom and he kept asking me to switch him places (because she had the ring in her purse and was going to give it to him) but I thought it was ridiculous that he wanted me to move when everyone was already sitting down. He wouldn’t eat anything either and kept getting up to go to the bathroom.

His mom told me she thought he was sick, so that threw me off too from thinking he was just nervous! After dinner it started pouring rain and I was in a dress with no coat! We started the drive home and Bryton missed the freeway entrance after I had told him he had to turn to get to it. He so innocently admitted he was wrong and said he would just take the next entrance. We passed a sign for Shane Co. that said “Just ask her already.” and I being the complete sass I am said hey did you see that, and maybe you should take their advice. Bryton responded telling me that he had to pay his tuition and buy a car so he was unable to buy me a ring yet. He said he was sorry and felt bad, but if we weren’t going to get married till June he didn’t see why we needed to get engaged till at least February.

My heart dropped to my stomach and I felt so sad and upset at myself for thinking it was going to happen soon. I had gotten my hopes up and now they were crashing down. We drove in silence for a little bit on the freeway until he asked if I was mad at him, but how could I be? I was more upset with myself. So we just talked about Christmas for the rest of the car ride! We drove past his parents on the freeway and he got a little weird. He asked if I wanted to stop and get hot chocolate to have for when we got to the mall since it was outdoors and freezing. We stopped at the Starbucks right off the freeway exit and Bryton insisted on us going in.

While waiting for our hot chocolate to be made, Bryton went into the bathroom and was in there for 10 minutes.. I thought he was honestly sick from the food, so when he came out I asked him and he told me he was fine. We got back in the car and drove up to the Outlets. He missed the turn and then started driving around some random parking lot in circles. I ask him what in the world he was doing and he told me he was just trying to wait out the rain so I didn’t have to get out in the cold. I then felt bad and like it was my fault we couldn’t get out of the car since I didn’t have a coat. He laughed at me when I said I was sorry and told me I had nothing to be sorry about. So I told him to go to the outlets and drive around to find a close parking spot instead. His mom text him while we were in the car and I asked him what she said. He started talking really fast and told me that she just said to drive safe because the roads are slick. Again I didn’t even think a thing about it. When we got to the parking lot I would point out a place for him to park and he would pass it without saying a word. We pass 3 perfect parking spots… THREE!

Every time I would ask him why he passed the spot he would say oh my truck can’t fit there. Lies! SO finally I saw a truck pulling out of a spot and said I know for a fact you can fit there so park there. We got out of the car and started walking when a little 5 year old boy approached me with his mom and dad and handed me three roses and said Merry Christmas these are for you. I thought it was just someone doing something cute for Christmas. I looked and Bryton and said aww this flower has a tag that says I Love You. As we kept walking all these random people came up and started handing me flowers, and then I realized what was going on. Immediately tears started streaming down my cheeks I really couldn’t help it.

We kept walking towards the big Christmas tree in the middle of the outlets, while people were still coming up handing me flowers and as we got closer to it I saw my parents and his parents standing to the side watching. Then right in front of the tree stood all of our siblings holding signs that said “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and the tears flowed again. I heard Bryton say hey mare, so I turned around and he pulled me in for a huge hug and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

He opened the ring box and I think my jaw dropped to the floor. I started to giggle as I was crying because I was so excited!! I think I said yes about 5 times before he even got up and kissed me! So many emotions. So much excitement. So many tears. He had pulled off the biggest surprise of my life and I hadn’t even caught on. To say I am the luckiest girl would be an understatement! I am so excited to finally be with Bry forever!

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