Marek and Anja's Dreamy Central Park Proposal

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how we met

Until I was 18 years old, I actually didn’t know that the country where my girlfriend Anja comes from even exists. On my 18th birthday, I had a nice holiday with my mom in New York, and I really enjoyed it. When we came back to Hamburg, I decided to seek out new friendships to get in contact with new people. So I created an account on a small website, where you can get in contact with people in your area. After checking out the accounts in Hamburg, I recognized the account from Anja and I decided to write her. The first weeks we were just messaging, and I found out that she was a one year Au Pair in Hamburg from Uzbekistan. At the beginning I thought that she was not very interested in me, but after a few more writings, it happened, and we met the first time. We explored Hamburg together, walked and talked a lot, went to the museum and cinema. After the first date I was quite sure that we could become really close friends and two dates later we had our first kiss. From there on we have been in a relationship. Anja stayed in Hamburg, started to study and is living together with me, so we became fast an unbreakable pair.

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how they asked

After two and a half years, we planned a holiday to New York. I really love this city, and Anja always wanted to go there. So I got the idea that New York could be the right place to ask this special question.

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I started to plan, watched out for a nice ring, and decided that it would be great to save this wonderful moment in pictures. So I tried to find a photographer in New York who is specialized for such photos, and I found Sascha Reinking. I got in contact with him and he helped me to plan everything and to find a great place for the proposal. Anja did not know anything about my plans. After being in New York for two days, I told her that we should stroll through Central Park…

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It was very exciting, and just when we almost reached the place where I planned to propose, it began to snow. I saw Sascha and so I walked with Anja to a nice area with the lovely Gapstow Bridge in the background, and I asked her if she wants to marry me. She said “yes” and Sascha captured this moment with beautiful photos. Afterwards we had a wonderful photo session with him at Central Park and Grand Central Station. It was an unforgettable day and the beautiful photos will let us always remember.

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