Josh and Allison's Mardi Gras Proposal

How We Met: Josh and I had both joined OkCupid about a month before, and were still in the early stages of sifting through unwanted messages and searching for anything of substance. I found his profile and was intrigued by his picture: it showed him making homemade pasta (my favorite!) and I commented on it. After one casual drinks date, we didn’t see each other again for about a month while Josh traveled back to California to visit family. It wasn’t until he returned in mid-January that we met up again for dinner at this great Italian spot in the West Village, talked for 5 hours, and practically shut the place down.

Creative Proposal Idea Mardi Gras Shoe (4)

how they asked: We moved together to New Orleans in the summer of 2012, and experienced our first Mardi Gras together in 2013. It was overwhelming, incomprehensible, and incredibly fun all wrapped into one. By the time our second Mardi Gras rolled around in late February 2014, we knew what to expect and had set our sights on the most coveted Mardi Gras “throw.” Each parade has a different signature item that they are known for distributing to eager crowds, and the very best and most popular item is the notorious Muses shoe. I was determined to get one of these colorful, hand-painted, glittery, and decorated shoes!

Unbeknownst to me, Josh had arranged with a friend of a friend who rides in the parade to get me a very special shoe. He went to TJ Maxx, bought a pair of cheap black pumps, and spent days hand painting them and pasting on glitter and feathers in Mardi Gras colors: purple, green, and gold. On the inside, he wrote, “Will You Marry Me?”

Mardi Gras Proposal

As the last float, Float 22, approached our crowd during the parade, he reached up to grab the shoe, and handed it over to me. Even before I knew what was written inside, I was thrilled to get a shoe! When I read the inside and he knelt down to give me a ring, I was totally ecstatic. It was the best and most creative surprise I could think of.

Mardi Gras Proposal

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